Post – 5th December 2018

05 Dec Post – 5th December 2018

Post – 5th December 2018


Just hours ago DC hit D5 (5th DEC). Q responded just one minute and seven seconds (1:07) after midnight with Post 2549. Don’t forget ET is 16 hours behind AEST at the moment. So it hit at 16:01:07 here.

Not unexpectedly, Q mentioned that the Huber testimony needed to be postponed due to optics from the Funeral of 41. Furthermore everything is set back one week due to the likely planned death. Most say he croaked two weeks ago by family intervention; but was rolled out to disrupt D5, as the Funeral was at family discretion.

The interesting part of the Post however is the timing. Recall Post 1464 – Dark to Light. 1:07 [Marker] with incorporated Post 1440:










This really points heavily for the week of Booms to start now. The marker sets the stage. Future proves past. Furthermore it’s going to be [RAPID_FIRE].

Now we know Comey will testify to Congress at 14:00 ET Friday. FISA can’t be released before this as it traps Comey to avoid perjury risks. It is assumed Huber will brief Congress approximately 12th Dec, although it is TBA.

The great news was that General Flynn will not be going to Gaol. He was framed of course, but today was effectively discharged due to “substantiative assistance.” Holy Guacamole! It’s true, he has been assisting with another Grand Jury trial! So Mueller knows Flynn is helping Huber on something OTHER than supposed Trump collusion with Russia! Can you hear the sound of Deep State heads exploding? We are witnessing history.

Obviously the practical implication of Post 1440 is that when the s–t hits the fan, the Alliance may need to cause a blackout of TV or Social Media. This is where the Emergency Broadcast System comes into play. It makes sense because the MSM will order war/violence on the streets to block the truth being exposed. This will not be applicable to Australia. Q has suggested Patriots have preparedness, food stocks etc. My guess is this is overkill. If riots happen then Martial law will be enacted and all will end well. The whole Plan is too well co-ordinated.

Q states that WaPo is CIA controlled in Post 2549, but we already knew this. Indeed all MSM in the US is. Actually it is more accurate to say rogue-CIA as Trump has purged most “Clown’s” from the Agency. Sadly the Deep State has operatives in all our MSM here as well as ASIO. We need to clean them out. Actually pretty much all so-called Journalists here must go – they are Traitors and Presstitutes. Their deliberate attacks on Q, or killing Q with silence, will be their downfall. They are toast. All will lie and claim stupidity and ignorance. There will be no honour in the defeated Deep State.

Love the secret embedded jpg file number message of Post 2551 – Give me Liberty or give me death!

Yes, we are at the pointy end folks. Buckle up!

Payseur [P]

Haven’t mentioned this family before on the blog but have on my twitter account. Q discussed them way back and the boards researched them heavily. However if you are new to Q you can listen to a great introduction on the most financially powerful family in history. They were Satanists of course. Trumps EO of 21st December 2017 will confiscate their assets for Pedophilia or Grand financial crimes. The video is well over an hour but well worth it for newbies. It is being formatted again but should be available in a few days on @WarDrummer1 – the conversation is between @intheMatrixxx and @WarDrummer1


This is an excellent and succinct article spelling out the hard truth. If you read between the lines you will note that he has now done his research, changed tacts, and is finally fully woke.


Take care all. The full truth will not be for everyone.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor







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