Post – 2nd December 2018 – E

02 Dec Post – 2nd December 2018 – E

Post – 2nd December 2018 – E

As the world turns

Big picture. What is important to us as Aussies?

Many people will be shattered by the extent of the crimes committed by the Deep State which will become apparent this week and then increasingly so for one month. Seek help if needed.

There is no coincidence that the greatest political upheaval will occur in the Northern Hemisphere winter. This way riots will be minimal. Anger can be more easily contained.

Here we will be much less affected. Our Pollies will not be under the same scrutiny. However, sadly, we will perhaps be far less able to tackle the Deep State immediately, without the exposure of bad actors that the Americans have been able to achieve.

We must avoid vigilante justice. The rule of law must be maintained.

In a sense the MSM will unfortunately be key in the short-term. Ideally, an admission of wrongdoings would be very useful to start but these people are entrenched and may instinctively react with further narrative restrictions. The ABC and SBS will not be able to address any happenings in an honest manner. Marxists can not change overnight.

The Commercial Channels will at some point realise that they risk being financially crippled. Their moguls will be apoplectic and panicked. Most likely Conservative Social Media will gradually gain the upper hand. Banning of free speech will cease by demand. Trump will have free reign to take on Google, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Trump’s popularity will skyrocket.

Q will be accepted as fact. The Evil of the Deep State will become known to all. Some will be too brainwashed to accept, but their numbers will slowly fall.

Most importantly, we can not let Deep State Politician’s have any control moving forward. In general, only Patriots with a track record can be trusted in upcoming elections. Past actions will be heavily scrutinised.

We will move back to God and Family. Recognition that these structures won us victory against Global Satanism will be understood. If we can not get our house in order and we elect the same Politician’s with Deep State policies; then the Alliance countries will sanction us hard.

Our Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s) must be directed at justice but also compassion. Ultimately however the public will determine the consequences required.

All restrictions on personal freedom of speech should be immediately removed. It will be hard for some, but it MUST be done.

Much will depend on whether Scott Morrison is able to be honest and open with the recent #Spygate acts against America and also the stranglehold the Deep State has had upon us historically.

Many in the Patriot community know that an economic reset is on the cards. This would involve the end of fiat currency and the return to Centralised Banking. I doubt these would occur, even in the US, until the Political upheavals have quietened. The Fed will lower interest rates as their resistance to Trump is defeated.

Ask friends and family for support.

Chin up, we will get through this, and our future will be glorious. Likely more so than you could imagine.

Enjoy the Show.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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