Post – 2nd December 2018 – D

02 Dec Post – 2nd December 2018 – D

Post – 2nd December 2018 – D

John Howard

Did anyone catch The 7.30 Report on ABC this week?

Very odd that John would have a guest appearance when retired. Pretty mundane stuff on the surface. Well….except for the first question which was a Dorothy Dixer from Leigh Sales. She essentially asked if John thought the Liberal Party was going to split in two. What… the Party split up over factional warfare? How extreme is that!

No worries, John explained, that that will not happen.

So why did a Pure Deep State Organisation ask a Blue Ribbon Deep State Asset to come on the show for such a question?

Simples. The Liberal Party is dividing between Alliance and Deep State. They know the Geopolitical game is up and the FISA is about to drop. John was giving the order for the Deep State to hold its line. Leigh could not explain what was really going down because the ABC cannot admit its whole reason for existence is in jeopardy.

Now the other day Malcolm Turnbull got in on the act too. He said members of the Liberal Party were suffering from “paranoia”. Same tactics the Deep State Liberal Party operatives used against me.

Hey Johnny can you say Psyop – 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and weapons of mass destruction. Mal can you say #Spygate?


My message to wavering Liberal Party Patriots. Tell the Deep State where to go. Looks like Morrison was read the Riot Act by Trump in Buenos Aries and is on board!

Q – Nothing can stop this. Nothing. Dark to light.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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