Post – 26th November 2018 – A

26 Nov Post – 26th November 2018 – A

Post – 26th November 2018 – A

Historic events to watch for in December

December 2018 will see momentous Political changes the likes of which have never occurred before. Clearly President Trump and the Q Team have planned a simultaneous strike to nullify any chance the Fake News MSM can counter. If there is no time to recover from each hit then the only advantage the Deep State has will be negated. The MSM will be forced to comment on the hits rather than have time to change the narrative through lies. The Deep State may try to use their Social Media kill switch, however the Presidential Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), which I have outlined previously, could be instituted to keep the public aware of happenings.

To simplify, here are the potential events which will change history, and ensure an Alliance victory against the Deep State:

1. Julian Assange will testify in Virginia. He may do this via teleconference, possibly from Gitmo, or he may present in person. He is NOT in London, as the MSM laughably says. His vitamin D level will be fully restored after spending twelve months away from the Old Dart. As explained in my blogs in detail previously, the DNC hack was by Seth Rich and NOT the Russians. A thumb drive was used. This testimony will be EXPLOSIVE and based on mathematical/computer science certainty. The whole Russian Collusion Delusion will be shown to have been a deliberate lie by the Deep State. Australia’s role in abandoning a true Journalist will be humiliating. This will set the stage for the FISA release. Remember Q says, “we have the source” (or sauce if you are an 8chan Autist). The Wikileaks twitter account is controlled by the Deep State, so ignore it.

2. The FISA release will most likely come before the Comey, Clinton and Lynch testimonies to Congress. It sets the Foundation. It must come in December before the new Congress is seated on January 3rd. It will bring down the House (Congress). The Mueller witch-hunt will subsequently burn.

3. The Voter Fraud investigation must be completed by 21st December. Most likely it will be tabled on 15th. This will show widespread voter fraud by the Democrats. The election was a sting operation by the DOJ. Florida, California and Arizona will be key. As previously explained the Voting Machines were encrypted with keys held by Hillary offshore which falsified the totals. Also illegal aliens voted and forged ballots were used. The consequence will be new elections and strict voter ID legislation (which kills the Democrats forever). The re-vote could be under Martial Law as the new Congress will be in place but essentially illegal. The House could swing back. The Executive Order pertaining to election fraud signed by Trump will be very punitive. Trials will be required for involved Traitors.

4. Comey will testify and will incriminate himself even more. Loretta Lynch will testify and expose the blackmail Hillary “email dropping” Tarmac deal, demanded by Bill Clinton to kill Anthony Scalia and take the Supreme Court. It is possible Lynch has already flipped secondary to NSA taps.

5. Hillary will testify about using an unsecured server and selling Military secrets to enemies. She will lie as usual.

6. Huber will reveal all the Grand Juries in Utah which have been working in secret on December 5th. D5 (Avalanche) will occur when 65,000 indictments are either unsealed or made public. The Clinton Foundation will be exposed for fraud and money laundering. The MSM will feign ignorance.

Continued in Part B:



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