Post – 9th November 2018 – A

09 Nov Post – 9th November 2018 – A

Post – 9th November 2018 – A


Results from the midterms are difficult to interpret so I shall do my best to work through.

Firstly, I did predict a Redwave. It was neither a Red or Blue Wave. However the most important task for Patriots was achieved and that was securing the Senate.

Historically the incumbent President almost always has a large swing against him. Only twice over the past hundred plus years, has the incumbent won both the House and Senate in midterms, most lose both. Statistically President Trump did significantly better than the historical average swing against the incumbent and he also won the Senate.

As Q and Trump have stated, the Senate was the main game. If Patriots had lost the Senate then MAGA and Q would be dead. Hence Trump rallied in the States where he needed to shore up the Senate. He did not rally in the few important seats which the House depended upon. Trump was considerably outspent and the MSM was completely one-sided. against him. Similarly Patriots were heavily shadowbanned/banned on Google/Facebook and Twitter.

Why was the senate vital? The Senate appoints the Supreme Court and State Judges. It also appoints Cabinet and has oversight over the DOJ and FBI. These are all the cornerstones of the upcoming arrests and document releases. If the Democrats had won, then all these would have been stopped. The Senate can also counter the House in terms of investigations. Most significantly the Senate can VETO any impeachment or skulduggery moves that the House makes.

In a sense the Democrats will now attempt to obstruct the MAGA agenda. They promised to “walk across the aisle” to get legislation passed but will certainly not do this. They will OBSTRUCT. Plain and simple. However the damage will be negated by the VETO rights of the Senate. Stalemate. The Democrats will be punished in 2020 if they make their obstruction too apparent.

Importantly Trump has managed to weed out the RINO’s. All the Deep State members of his party are gone, or almost gone. In effect the Senate previously was not really in his control due to McCain, Flake and Corker. Now the Senate is in full control. Similarly the reason why so many Republicans were up for re-election in the House was that Trump got rid of them. It meant there were many more seats to defend and ultimately it was why the House flipped. However his team is now true MAGA (PRO) with no RINO’s. Ryan will not be able to divide MAGA.

Trump won most of the important Governor roles during the election. This was also a victory. Similarly the Senate seats are for six years whereas the House seats are only for two. It makes 2020 much easier.

Now I understand Q supporters are disappointed. It has setback the movement, but at least the movement is still able to continue. We need to look at this without emotion and continue on. There was going to be the big reveal of Q, had the House been kept, but now things will take longer. No plan is perfect. There are real life changes which affect things. The sickening Pittsburgh shooting changed momentum greatly and was very detrimental. Adjustments must be made and contingencies enacted.

Word from sources close to Trump say that he thought he would win the House. A few thousand votes in six seats would have changed the result. Unfortunately this did not happen. Trump wanted to avoid the riots that FISA DECLAS will bring. If he had won the House then riots/bloodshed would have been mitigated. The gamble to wait for DECLAS until after the midterms was wrong in hindsight.

So what are the options now?

Its going to be all out attack. Trump has moved quickly to get rid of Sessions. Sessions recusal of the Russia investigation was a mistake. He is a Patriot but was unable to prosecute. Now that Whitaker has taken over; the FISA and all other documents will be released – hopefully soon.

This is why riots and protests are being enacted by the Deep State. It is also why the MSM is going into hysterics rather than celebrating the so-called House success. They can not let all these documents come out.

We live in terrible times. However Good WILL win over Evil!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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