Post – 5th November 2018 – C

05 Nov Post – 5th November 2018 – C

Post – 5th November 2018 – C

Secret Service policing Q

As mentioned, the Chan boards have been talking for months about how the Presidential Secret Service has been asking all Rally attendees to take off their Q/WWG1WGA T-shirts prior to entry. Even the big ones with 100,000 Patriots. It has been a poorly kept secret which is now out in the open. Almost all have complied after being told to “Trust the Plan”. A few have been strategically positioned.

Q is now signalling that this down-keying will likely change soon. The need to keep Q low key at the Rallies to avoid Deep State False Flags at large will be moot post midterms. I believe Q will be Mainstreamed without fear. The Chan boards will be flooded. They are ready to take the increased flow. Q will be in the face of the Deep State everywhere.

The MSM will not be able to ridicule, ignore or demonise The Great Awakening any more:


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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