Post – 5th November 2018 – B

05 Nov Post – 5th November 2018 – B

Post – 5th November 2018 – B


Been listening to the MSM for the past two years? Heard them exalt how a huge Bluewave was coming to throw out the Bad Orange Man….

Heard them say Trump has less than a 15% chance to hold the House? Even up to today!

Wecome to the Red Pill.

The Bluewave ain’t happening. Sorry snowflakes. Patriots are in control. Period. I stated this six months ago and I’m saying it again. It will be a Redwave!

So why is the MSM lying so blatantly? It is just simple Psychology. If they tell all their listeners/readers/viewers that Trump has no chance; then all the NPC’s will go out and vote for the Democrats. They can push the participation rates up for the Deep State. They know the truth but they sure as hell won’t say it.

Trump will hold the House and win big in the Senate, but not to the point of a 2/3 Supermajority – only say 61-39. Then Trump will have House, Senate and Supreme Court. The Deep State will only have a thoroughly discredited MSM on-side. They will be finished. No impeachment for made up falsities. No Russian Collusion Delusion. No shutting down of Military Tribunals. No obstructing the opening of sealed indictments (over 60,000 now). FISA release and Arrests will be made.

Censorship and violence

Shadowbanning has intensified. Over the past few days 20% of my regular go-to twitter research accounts have been taken down. These were people with inside knowledge and quality investigative skills. GAB was also taken down.

Q tells us that Antifa will be intimidating at the Polls. Problem is; Patriots are not to be tackled in such situations. Antifa will be no match. It is the threat to keep infirm folks away which is the intent. It will not succeed.


Watch for some spectacular developments. Can you say set-up? Watch for ASIO/GCHQ/MI5(6) complicity. Watch for FVEY explosive revelations. Q is causing terror.

Hacked Voting Machines

Several months ago I wrote extensively about the Democrats/Deep State remote hacks of voting machines. This play was always going to be attempted this cycle. Hence it is no surprise that the Georgia Senate voting machines were allegedly hacked today. The Secretary of State has written the FBI to investigate. These violations will be prosecuted. It will become a huge story post-midterms. The MSM is not covering it.

False Flags 

I won’t go into detail about these but there have been obvious Deep State FF’s leading up to the Midterms. POTUS and the Military knows and I hope those responsible, if found, are gaoled for the rest of their lives – though I daresay the American’s will demand more punitive measures. All Patriots knew the Deep State would resort to such measures – it is what they do. Trump has contingencies to mitigate, but he can not defend against isolated demonic Psyops.

Q Post 2403 outlines the Biblical importance of this final fight – it is simply Good vs Evil.

Be brave Patriots. We have yet to tackle the Deep State here. That time will come soon.

Support our American cousins with Memes as Q has requested. The time is NOW!

This is the turning point of history. Defence will pivot to attack.

2018 will be glorious!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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