Post – 5th November 2018 – A

05 Nov Post – 5th November 2018 – A

Post – 5th November 2018 – A

23 Days of Darkness

Months ago I mentioned that there was a possibility Q could violate the Hatch Act prior to the Midterms. This Act essentially states that it is illegal for US Federal Employees to demonstrate partisan political views for six weeks prior to an election whilst engaged at work. I did not think much of it again as I believed Q would have it covered.

However last month Q went dark for 23 days and no FISA etc was released. It seemed all legal releases were put on the backburner and many anons on the board were getting restless second guessing the tactics.

When Q returned the explanation was given. Apparently six Democrat Congressmen/women filed a Hatch Act violation injuncture with Don McGahn (Special Council). These highest level Deep State Politician’s were attempting to shut down Q for election interference. In so doing they were imputing and acknowledging that the so called LARP existed!However it was a very intelligent Political play. It enabled the Special Council to make a ruling which took time and also potentially could have been of use in shutting down Q until the midterms. We do not know the outcome of this filing and what restrictions Q is under but the FISA has obviously not been released.

POTUS is exempt from Hatch as well as Mike Pence. Similarly all Military are also exempt. Now as we know, the Q team is known to only 10 individuals, seven of which are Military. Now obviously POTUS is one of the remaining three but the other two are unknown. If the other two are off-duty then they would not fall under the Act. It is hard to understand how a filing could be made against people who are unknown, but lawyers are lawyers.

Anyways Q and POTUS are playing it safe. No releases are occurring prior to the Midterms which could be construed as interference. Their was also the theoretical risk of POTUS being impeached for release of FISA post-midterms if it was released prior. This has been gamed and the risks of release were thought to be too high. Unfortunate.

Thus Q is really only a cheerleader at this point until Polling closes Wed afternoon (AEST) in Hawaii. FISA and Arrests must wait.

Interestingly at the Rally in Missouri three days ago President Trump stated very clearly that he has had to “go around” the MSM in “ways that have never been done before” whilst finishing this sentence with another air written Q sign. You can find this video on my twitter account; it is only 61 seconds.

I can guarantee Trump and Q will be on the ATTACK after Midterms.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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