Post – 12th October 2018 – D

12 Oct Post – 12th October 2018 – D

Post – 12th October 2018 – D

The Medical “Deep State” Council of NSW are white-hot angry

Nothing makes the Medical Council of NSW more furious than President Trump’s Interagency Task Force Against Human Trafficking.

To be sure, the Council HATES Trump, but most of all they hate his actions in eliminating the child sex and child slave rack lines of the Deep State.

The Paedophile Protecting Council will call anyone ‘Psychotic’ and Ban/Bankrupt them for exposing the Evil of Human Trafficking. The Council enjoys their Schadenfreude. They are PURE Deep State.

Please read the following FULL article including comments and see how the greatest President in history is taking down the Deep State.

Understand that the number of arrests counted are only for the top end traffickers.

Trump is setting the Foundation here for the really big takedowns – think famous Progressives.

Ivanka is making this personal.


Dark to light.

Good vs Evil.

Do not feel intimidated.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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