Post – 12th October 2018 – C

12 Oct Post – 12th October 2018 – C

Post – 12th October 2018 – C

The Mob

Deranged Leftists/SJW’s are being utilised by the Deep State Fascists to cause violence and eventually uprisings. They are fighting for their survival. The ends justifies the means. They will take out anyone who stands in their way. By any method required.

Watch –

1. Eric Holder tell Traitors to “kick” Patriots.

2. A purple male feminist roundhouse a Catholic Lady in the head. See full dialogue on twitter @killaudeepstate

3. Maxine Waters tell Traitors to physically “push back” on Patriots in public.

4. Nancy Pelosi asking for uprisings.

5. Killary ordering Public Incivility against Patriots.

Now watch a SJW male threaten to Rape a Patriotic Reporter. Note the Feminist response and willingness to lie for the cause:

Now a young SJW hits a 71 year old gentleman on the steps of the Supreme Court:

Finally see how Deep State SJW’s take on random drivers:

You are watching the culmination of a Deep State Psyop on a Grand Scale. You will see more of The Mob moving forward. Ask yourself – Is this normal behaviour?

If not for double standards these people would have none.

Take Care Patriots.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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