Post – 12th October 2018 – A

12 Oct Post – 12th October 2018 – A

Post – 12th October 2018 – A

Rosenstein Wiretap

A few hours after my last blog, Q Post 2377 dropped. In this Post, Q outlined two articles pertaining to James Baker’s testimony under oath, outlining a plan to secretly record President Trump, and entrap him via the 25th Amendment.

My expectation whilst writing my last blog was that Rosenstein would testify to Congress about offering to wear a wire during meetings with DJT (Politics 101 for Fascists who want to avail The Political Abuse of Psychiatry, such as espoused by The Medical Council of NSW).

Rosenstein’s testimony under penalty of perjury would have been a bombshell for revealing a Coup-d’état; which I knew. Unfortunately Rosenstein was a no show. Patriot Congressmen were furious and rightly so. They still have the option to Subpoena.

This whole sordid circus is intertwined with the FISA Court Coup-d’état I have discussed at length in January – which is the main game.

Recent happenings are succinctly summed up in the following video from some of the few real Journalists in the MSM:

The underlying question is whether Rosenstein and Mueller are white or black hats. As explained many months ago I was weighing on the side of white hats. I am still of this opinion but time will tell.

Q has essentially said if one is black then both are and vice-versa. This statement by Q has deliberately been made to foment/sow distrust in the Deep State and cause miscalculations in strategy. The truth is though, only the Q Team and President Trump, know whose side each is on. Not me, and probably not you.

Interestingly Q did post in June – #FLY[RR]FLY# which suggests that the recent flight this week on Air Force One with RR and DJT was planned months ago – Remember Q says future proves past. So if RR was a black hat, then why would he voluntarily reinforce Q (the arch enemy)?

I believe Rod Rosenstein is a white hat playing his role. He was flipped long ago. When the FISA is exposed he will likely step down and avoid the Deep State ‘Red Line’ – the purported sacking of RR by DJT has a threatened consequence of Deep State civil insurrection by deranged leftists.

‘The Plan’ is about taking down the Deep State with minimal casualties. Let’s hope that is the way it plays out.

So lets see who has recordings of whom. This will settle the RR white/black hat matter.

For Concernfags;

Please understand that the Deep State is entrenched and has been in control for centuries. The current slowness of progression is due to Judicial complexities (think Grand Juries). Q drop 2381 explains all – use Logic and Critical thinking. Everything needs to be put in place before the FISA hammer drops. Toward the end of the drop “USE A STEALTH BOMBER” refers to Jeff (Stealth) Sessions. Don’t worry, the Attorney General is on our side and he WILL bring JUSTICE.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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