Post – 9th October 2018

09 Oct Post – 9th October 2018

Post – 9th October 2018

The Framing of Trump


I’m putting The Department of Justice in a Triple Kill Box!

Now that Kavanaugh has been confirmed (as promised one week ago); ‘The Show’ is ready to begin.

The MSM has not told you but there will be an EXPLOSIVE BOOM in the next 24 hours. Try as they might – they will not be able to control it.

It won’t be the unredacted FISA release just yet but the DOJ is in strife bigly.

James Baker sang like a bird and the whole Russian Collusion is about to BLOW.

Will it be Sally Yates signing the FISA when she knew no evidence existed or will it be Wiretap Rosenstein in the crosshairs?

[Sally Yates] OR [Rosenstein]? Let’s wait and find out. Telling would be no fun.

Get ready for some pain Patriots. The Previews and Trailers are done. Popcorn ready?

Enjoy the next four weeks! BOOM galore! DJT is free to attack!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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