Post – 5th October 2018 – B

05 Oct Post – 5th October 2018 – B

Post – 5th October 2018 – B

The Liberal Party shows it’s Deep State Colours

Q Post 2339 (5th October 2018)







So here we have Q explain the Liberal Party game plan re:FISA.

To be honest the Liberal’s options are poor. However there is always one thing you can count on from Deep State Politician’s and that is to be Machiavellian to the end.

Let’s just say Scotty Morrison chose the decent, honest approach; and admitted that all members of his Party were complicit in subverting The People of The United States of America. Yep, they were all in on it and all knew exactly what went down. Hey sorry my Yanky bro….

What would happen?

The Liberal Party would not be elected for a Generation. A number of the Top Lib Dude’s + ASIO would be up for Extradition and some electricity perhaps….

Yeah, they could beg for forgiveness and all….and possibly survive…..but ultimately their careers are done or they may spend time in Gaol here. Not a great option no matter how right and proper it would be.

So what have they chosen?

Lie, lie, lie! What a shock.

Today Scotty has shown his Deep State tatts and got together with his Deep State mates in the UK to wait for it……..blame Russia again!

Russia Russia Russia (as Jan Brady screams)

So Scotty wants to get out and preemptively muddy the waters prior to the FISA drop with more complete BS. He knows Labour/Greens are just as much Deep State as they are; so bipartisan support is guaranteed. Similarly the Australian MSM will play their part and obfuscate the truth too.

This is what the Chan Boards are calling the UniParty. In other words Western Countries are afflicted with both sides of Politics being controlled by the Deep State. So Liberals/Nationals/Labour/Greens are the UniParty. Any Patriot who understands the true nature of Politics in Australia knows that these Parties are all Treasonous Deep State NWO filth. They have been so forever. In the UK the Labour Party actually joined with the Tory’s to sideline UKIP. The UniParty was evident to everyone in the UK then and could not be denied from that point forward.

Anyways, unfortunately there has been historically little opposition to the UniParty in Australia. There have been Patriotic Parties come up at times but the MSM has always brought them down.

Today, more and more Patriotic Journalists, like me :) are getting the message out here. The only way we can take back our country now is to fight for it through Social Media.

This is why it has been so important for the Liberals/Medical Council of NSW to Censor me from discussing the Q/Trump message. It’s just routine Deep State tactics.

So it’s the Australian Patriots/The Truth vs Deep State/UniParty/MSM

Good vs Evil

I believe Scotty’s play is ultimately futile. America will rid itself of Evil and we will eventually follow. History has turned. Events there will not be contained here.

However we can not be complacent.

Q has requested that we Meme away. Getting President Trump through the mid-terms is the most important death knell to the Deep State.

Find some great Memes here and give Social Media Shills a shake:

Remember Memes can not be filtered by any current Censorship algorithms.

Go Kavanaugh/Huber/Sessions and Trey Gowdy (the soon to be Prosecutor)!

Goodbye Mueller/Rosenstein (thank you for your White Hat service)

Drop that FISA!

Fight Fight Fight!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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