Post – 3rd October 2018 – C

03 Oct Post – 3rd October 2018 – C

Post – 3rd October 2018 – C

Corruption/Collusion of The Medical Council of NSW

Now I know I said there would be no more Q Proofs as it is beyond boring….

But here are just a couple more recent ones for The Medical Council of NSW.

1. Stay tuned and watch!

Like what is the chance of this not being co-ordinated between Q and President Trump? One billion to one against? Tweeted by DJT two minutes after Q…..yeah right

2. Spelling mistake with a Q:

Once again astronomical odds that President Trump and Q are not as one.

So here is my humble suggestion to The Medical Council of NSW –

Go and find these people:

hint – they are likely from Tennessee where President Trump did his most recent Rally.

Then call up each of their employer’s and tell them they are Psychotic. Command them to have their jobs removed and if they have a business then command it be bankrupted. Demand their Medical Records and make sure they are used against them without any basis.

Go on big tough Council – do it! Show them your Deep State credo.

Message for The Medical Council of NSW/PRU and associated Politician’s –

I hear/understand and acknowledge your show of force but I shall not be cowered.

History will judge you poorly.

Oh and btw – I did throw ice as a kid – why don’t you use that against me?

To put this all in context. I shall let Terrence sum it all up:

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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