Post – 3rd October 2018 – B

03 Oct Post – 3rd October 2018 – B

Post – 3rd October 2018 – B

Corruption/Collusion of The Medical Council of NSW

The following posts for today are only pertinent to my personal happenings with The Medical Council of NSW. No need to read if you are only interested in Trump and Q.

Today I opened an e-mail from The Medical Council of NSW. It was surprising as they have not sent me anything for months. They are, of course, fully aware that I am not allowed to practice medicine and have been bankrupted by them; secondary to their ruling that I support President Trump and a “Paranoid Conspiracy” called Q.

I know there are a number of Doctor’s who read this blog (poor you) and what I am about to divulge directly affects your professional risk in practicing medicine in NSW.

So what has happened to me in this e-mail?

The Medical Council of NSW have made a complaint against me and referred it to the HCCC.

Yep, I haven’t been practicing for over six months but they decide to begin a process out of the blue to have my record blackened for misconduct. The HCCC is of course the body where complaints are heard and rulings made against Doctor’s.

So what is my alleged misconduct?

The Medical Council of NSW, without my permission, did a full check of medications which I have personally used in the past. Yes, without my permission, without any stated cause, they accessed my Medical Records. Nice.

What did they find that was so obscene?

They found that I prescribed five scripts for myself in the past several years as far as records go back.

These scripts were all Schedule 4 drugs – NOT Schedule 8 drugs (which are either dangerous or addictive).

So I prescribed myself five scripts over 7+ years of Schedule 4 drugs (the who cares less one’s) and I didn’t even get a discount for them through the PBS.

Boom! – The Medical Council of NSW says that this represents unethical prescribing practice and warrants referral to the HCCC!

Yep, Antibiotics for ear/chest infections and wait for it……..Stemetil……..which they say is an anti-psychotic!

They then, of course, say that I have been found to be Psychotic by The Medical Council of NSW (them). The insinuation to the HCCC is that I was treating myself with Stemetil because I thought I was Psychotic.

Problem is, I have a history of Vertigo, which lasts for a couple of days after severe viral infections. I thus use Stemetil to treat Vertigo for two days every couple of years or so. Never in my professional life have I ever heard of anyone using Stemetil as an anti-psychotic. It would be malpractice. The need to harm by The Medical Council of NSW exceeded their medical knowledge. No due diligence for their hit piece.

Anyways, in my experience I have never met a Doctor that hasn’t prescribed for themselves or family. We rarely have our own GP and just do it ourselves. It is perfectly legal and commonplace. Furthermore I would say 90% of Doctor’s have prescribed five or more Schedule 4 drugs to themselves or family over a seven year period. However The Medical Council of NSW has arbitrarily decided that my practice of self-prescribing is unethical and outside boundaries. How the hell do I argue it isn’t, if the Medical Council of NSW says so? It is nuttier than squirrel turds.

If they can stitch me up for this they can get you too.

In short – they are scared. They know they bankrupted me, took away my career and labelled me “Psychotic” simply for supporting President Trump and Q. The Pharmaceutical Regulatory Unit enacted this by phone call hours after my first blog post. It is an incontrovertible fact. The Politician’s who should have prevented this did not do so because of ….Politics. Now the ends justifies the means in taking me down.

Continued in part C


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