Post – 3rd October 2018 – A

03 Oct Post – 3rd October 2018 – A

Post – 3rd October 2018 – A

Treading Water

In my last blog, a week ago, I mentioned that the Kavanaugh Psyop would need to be finalised before the FISA could drop. The following day after I mentioned this, Q stated that it was so.

Unfortunately the FBI investigation has slowed everything down, with unpredictable false allegations continuing. Nevertheless it was tactical brilliance to have the one week FBI investigation and it will end well. Hence the FISA may still need to be delayed.

The Deep State has attempted every underhanded play in the book, but it will all very soon turn against them. Kavanaugh will be confirmed after the truth comes out and the Military Trials will be possible through the Supreme Court rebalancing – although they may not begin until 1st Jan 2019 due to the Executive Order. The investigation will fully clear him and ++++. Lets hope the Senate releases the full report. It will be very damaging indeed. Dark to light.

When Huber and Sessions start to unseal the fifty thousand plus indictments – the real pain will come.

The next month of reveals will be nuclear. The Deep State will be crippled forever. The Democrats in America will be annihilated in the mid-terms with an almighty Red Wave.

The MSM will not tell you what is about to be unleashed, they will fight it all the way. Have no fear, Good will win over Evil. Trump and Q are in full control.

Please do your part and Meme away.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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