Post – 24th September 2018 – B

24 Sep Post – 24th September 2018 – B

Post – 24th September 2018 – B

The Hunt for Red October

Wow, it has been so long since Q Post 158 in November last year with the reference to Red October. So now we are on the precipice of the MOST important and historical political month in our lifetime. It will be earthshaking and the World Wide MSM are simply refusing to acknowledge what we all are about to witness. For those of you who are not catching on, Red is the colour of the Republican Party. Back in November 2017 Q knew that the Political takedown of the Deep State would culminate with a Red Wave in October 2018!

Over the past two weeks a spanner has been put into the cogs of this Wave though. The Deep State has instituted a Psyop Plan out of left field in order to delay the nomination process of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. To be sure, this was not expected by the Trump team and has caused a hold on the FISA release. Why?

The SC nomination is vital. It swings the Court decisively toward the Alliance and away from the Deep State. Thus when the redacted FISA documents and other emails etc are released and the arrests occur – it is pivotal that there is the Judicial leverage to allow successful Prosecutions via Military Tribunal. Hence the takedown is on hold until resolution occurs and Kavanaugh is voted in. That is why we are seeing the Deep State fight tooth and nail in a last stand to delay the nomination until after the mid-term election. It is literally their last shot.

When Kavanaugh is approved by the Senate, and the odds are definitely with him, then FISA drops and we have a month to remember.

Soon you will also hear of Grand Juries which have been empanelled and are working on Deep State trials. The existence of these is not known to the public as Sessions/Huber have kept them tightly sealed so the content does not impact upon other trials.

We live in truly historic times.

Without a Red Wave, all the work of Trump/Q/Patriots will be lost and the Deep State will further craft a world of Evil beyond anything imaginable.

But we will win! 2018 will be Glorious!

Good vs Evil.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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