Post – 24th September 2018 – A

24 Sep Post – 24th September 2018 – A

Post – 24th September 2018 – A

Australia must learn the true definition of ‘Ally’

The fact is Australia is still controlled by the Deep State. There has been no purge of Traitors similar to that which is occurring in America. We will be a Cable Nation until The Australian Treason Trial’s (ATT).

The latest Q Drop 2072 – states – UK/AUS must learn the true definition of “Ally”.

The key word here in my opinion is “learn”. Thus, we must each individually research and understand the Evil of the Deep State, before we have the right to protection and allegiance from the US again. We can not simply apologise for subverting American Democracy and staging a Coup against the American people. We must sort out our country from within to learn why this has occurred and then correct it. Only through deeds can we make amends.

My recent blog post noted that two calls had been made to President Trump begging for the redacted FISA to not be released. At that point I went out on a limb and assumed that the countries were the UK and Australia. Q has confirmed this with Post 2072. Do not underestimate the repercussions in our country. This will be BIG. We have weaponised Five Eyes against the American people and then attempted to cover it up.

A brief article by The Daily Caller yesterday succinctly summarises the Australian involvement that I have been discussing here for the last several months. The names mentioned and the methods of infiltration are consistent with I have said.

Please read:

Important for us as Australian’s is the last paragraph where Alexander Downer refuses to deny that he was acting as a Spy against the American people. He knows that Q is telling us this will all come out and he can not outright lie now. Downer knows that the game is up and the American’s know everything. He has admitted his complicity.

“Can we put to rest the fact that he (Papadopoulos) said you were a spy?” a BBC Radio interviewer asked Downer on Wednesday.

“I was the Australian High Commissioner”, Downer said, laughing. “This thing is, I’m just not going to get into these sort of allegations he’s made. I mean, people who have worked with me, and people in Australia who know me, know absolutely my record”.

Interestingly the BBC (Buggering British Children) asked the question. The BBC as a Deep State Paedophile Organisation knows the game is up too and are desperately trying to obfuscate the fact that they have been covering up British subversion against the US for two years. As Q says the Rats are running. The WW MSM is about to deceptively give the impression they have turned. Just remember a Leopard can not change it’s spots. The Traitors MUST be purged.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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