Post – 21st September 2018 – A

21 Sep Post – 21st September 2018 – A

Post – 21st September 2018 – A

Australia Begs President Trump NOT to release redacted FISA documents

As explained in this blog since January 2018 – Australia and the UK spied on the Trump Campaign through ASD/ASIO and GCHQ/MI5/6. You have not heard anything of this through the Australian MSM because they are The Deep State and The Enemies of the Australian people.

I have sent information to multiple Australian MSM organisations over six months ago including a letter showing the surveillance request sent from Obama to GCHQ. All Australian MSM organisations refused to even reply despite multiple requests. I also informed them that my Local State and Federal Constituent Members of Parliament refused to answer my questions as to Australian involvement. The MSM are therefore complicit in the Australian Government actions. This of course is of no surprise to anyone who understands the nature of the Deep State.

Anyways, President Trump has requested the release of the redacted FISA documents a few days ago. It is mandatory under such circumstances that any foreign Intel Agencies intertwined with such documents are contacted in advance as a courtesy. Thus the DOJ/CIA/FBI informed ASIO/GCHQ of said upcoming release.

Now here is where the fun starts. Obviously ASIO passed the information onto Scott Morrison. So Scott calls up President Trump in a fluff. This of course is unreported in Australia. Q refers to the panic in Post 2214.

President Trump tells Hannity about all this just before the Las Vegas Rally this morning Australian Time. Please listen from 2:30 through 3:15

The dialogue is as follows:

“We’re also dealing with foreign countries that do have a problem. I must tell you.

I got calls today from two very good Allies saying please can we talk.

And we have to respect their wishes….but it will all come out”.


Now fortunately I have been privy to inside information and can reveal the Mea Culpa phone call between President Donald J Trump and Scott Morrison yesterday our time:


DJT: Good Morning Scotty. Not happy you guys staged a Coup against The United States of America.

SM: Oh please please Mr President, think of all the poor Koala’s suffering because of global warming….

DJT: Are you kidding me?

SM: Oh OK, please please please don’t do anything to all my Liberal Party Deep State mates. We will do anything for you! After all we’re Globalists and really good at selling our country out…….

DJT: I know that…….

SM: (crying) And, and, and Mr President, we really, really, love the letter Q so very, very much. Especially Fishnet Alex, he’s such a Queen. You know he’s from a really wealthy, aristocratic Deep State Family….he won’t do so well….

DJT: Sorry Scotty. Enjoy The Show. Now comes the Pain. Clunk.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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