Post – 19th September 2018

19 Sep Post – 19th September 2018

Post – 19th September 2018

There is no way Australian Politician’s/ASIO/ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) would subvert an American Democratic Election and cover it up! No chance!

Strange, it seems Papadopoulos is insinuating Alex “Deep State” Downer and an Australian Intelligence asset were up to some sort of intrigue. Very puzzling that Alex would hate Trump so much when they are both ostensibly right wing as well…..confusing.

Hmm….I wonder why my Local Members of Parliament refused on multiple occasions to answer my Constituent questions about Five Eye spying on the Trump Campaign and whether Alex/other Pollies and ASIO were involved….weird.

Also odd why these same Pollies have found it so important to have me bankrupted, banned from Medical Practice and found Psychotic for my Political beliefs………all co-incidental I’m sure.

Anyways back to The Show.

Funny how Pelosi/Schumer/Schiff and Warner have ORDERED Intel Agencies to ignore a direct Presidential Order on declassification of the FISA documents. This Executive Order (13526) for mandatory declassification Rights by the President was actually written by Obama in 2009. I hope the Dems are not implicated in the Declas…..because that would be ….well……complicated.

A lot of dots today.

The FISA will come out one way or the other. Then Rosenstein/Mueller’s part will have been played in The Show and they will exit stage left – Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Important housekeeping. The voat boards have come to a consensus. They have agreed to combine and


The “s” stands for set.

Hence the combined voat board with the “s” – combines both boards together and removes overlap/repeated info too. Thus instead of viewing two boards you may simply look at the combined one.

Also if you wish to look at Q Posts and are at a public computer (like a Library) then almost all Q Post sites will be filtered/banned. My suggestion is to use:

This will circumvent the issue and when you click on Q Posts you will see a better contrast/colour version than however it may be a little more clunky.

Remember to Meme away Patriots.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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