Post – 18th September 2018 – B

18 Sep Post – 18th September 2018 – B

Post – 18th September 2018 – B

Info to Weather the Storm

The Deep State has been attacking Patriots across all platforms. So I feel it is important to clarify some stuff. is down. It could not sustain a DDOS.

Perhaps the best repository of Q posts now is although the contrast colours are not great. It is however fast and is not very clunky. The advantage is that you can click the POTUS button on the top left and the President’s tweets will come up too. This is useful as they are increasingly co-ordinated now with Q. It will also give a useful quick summary at the top of each post in blue. Remember this blue text is just the aggregators opinion and NOT Q. is a backup if the above goes down.

Now the word going round is that all Q related sites and Social Media may eventually be comped or Q will just want all info coming from one managed location in the future. That LOC will be 8chan.

Yep, sorry to say but learning the boards may be necessary if you want to continue following Q.

It’s not that daunting and really does have a logic to the madness if time is taken. Just remember to Lurk first and NEVER give any personal details including your e-mail or you will be doxxed by the Deep State who continually try to take down the boards. Only post Anonymously! That is the whole point. is the board that only Q can post on. Click on the cannon and see Q’s posts. These are grabbed by the repository sites in real-time. is the real Q board and most difficult to navigate. Q Research General is where the real Autists are found. Don’t mess with them. Shilling is a waste of time. Content is the driver. is the new Q board. It is slightly easier to navigate. Most of the research goes on the Patriots Awoken General tab. This is the one with the Marines raising the US flag – which is the Iwo Jima Memorial image. Click this tab. The Bakers only put 750 crumbs on each before starting a new one. The most top and left are the latest ones.

Ok – there is currently a divisive debate about where the Reddit Refuges should go. There are two voat options:

It is impossible to know whether one is comped, both are, or both are not. Each board owner says the other is comped. Go figure. The only way of telling is to waterboard each BO.

My opinion is to look at both. They are quite similar. If one starts to look suspect then use the other. Either way it may be a moot point if both get taken down in the future.

The is showing some good intel on General Flynn but I am still wary of it.

If you are just wanting some passive intel then listen to Praying Medic. X22 Report is higher level and can also be listened to passively.

Anyways Sessions is now unrecused and ready to indict with Huber! It’s all about to hit the fan!

James O’Keefe will be exposing some quality intel later this week on and @jamesokeefelll – Deep State Unmasked. It WILL be good.

We are going to win this war!

The Deep State is reeling.

Carpet bomb your Memes.



Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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