Post – September 2018 – B

14 Sep Post – September 2018 – B

Post – September 2018 – B

It’s Complex

A few posts ago I discussed an apparent new Patriot site called

My recommendation is still not to view the site as legit but like most things in life – it’s complicated.

The purported reason for the site, involving Robert Caron, is to release insider documents available from whistle-blowers in the important three letter alphabet agencies in the Beltway. By doing this, and then forwarding the documents to Investigators/Judicatory overseeing Deep State crimes, it lessens the risk of corruption. In other words if these documents are supplied, then plausible deniability is mitigated, and those overseeing are at risk of obstruction if the documents are ignored in findings. So a sensible plan at surface level.

However there is always the risk that the operation is a limited hangout or controlled opposition.

My first post on the matter concluded that Q needed to clarify as the issue was important. Q was obviously on the same frequency as Q linked to Bill Mitchell the following day.

To reiterate. Bill Mitchell runs Your Voice America, and is a well known Patriot. He is friends with Trump and broadcasts from Jupiter in West Palm Beach, Florida. This is but a step away from Mar-a-Lago. Recently he did a long interview with Lara Trump. So Q seemed to be endorsing Bill with the shoutout.

However this was still not good enough and did not clarify the situation. I stated at that point that Q ought to clarify if there still were “no outside comms” as Robert Caron said he met someone from the Q Group.

The next day Q posted that there were no outside comms. Great minds clearly think alike – not. :)

So it seems clear that Q is calling FAKE. And that should be the end of the matter.

Hmm………but why is William Binney completely on board with the website. He gave an unequivocal endorsement the following day. Binney is a Gold Standard Patriot whose NSA Intel has enabled The Great Awakening. Q has also mentioned this in a post way way ago.

There are only two options.

1. Bill Mitchell, Ann Vandersteel and William Binney have been tricked in good faith OR

2. Q has left wiggle room when stating “Knowledge is Power”. In other words some of the stuff will be fake, and possibly for operational purposes, whilst some is not fake. We can determine which is which by our logic, experience and research.

My recommendation is still to not look at it. However I will glance at it every so often and see where it goes. Some intel has a paywall which throws up immediate red flags, unless the purpose is more complex. I did make up an email address, as I will not be duped into phishing, to see the free documents. There were some names I have not seen before but nothing groundbreaking. The documents are not written well (but hey I can’t complain as my written English is pretty rank – loved maths at school, not English), and the website has some gremlins. Quite amateurish for the level of supersleuths.

Most likely an intriguing sidetrack, but nothing more.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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