Post – 14th September 2018 – C

14 Sep Post – 14th September 2018 – C

Post – 14th September 2018 – C

Alexander Downer

The day after I wrote about the Papadopoulos contacts and recollections – the ABC did a customary Deep State hit piece. Essentially our 8c/day was trying to obfuscate the involvement of Alex in the Russian Collusion Delusion. Problem is, as I said months ago, Stefan Halper and Carter Page were deliberately inserted into the Trump Campaign to enable surveillance through FISA. The entanglement of Alex in all of this is slowly coming into the open, particularly his involvement with the UK intelligence firm, Hakluyt, MI6 and Christopher Steele.

The most important aspect to note, and for which the MSM has not even discussed pertaining to this, is The Extradition Act 1988. Potentially any fugitives in Australia who are wanted for questioning in the US are subject to this Act. In the case of the US, it is a Bilateral Extradition Treaty, as a subset of the Act.

Christopher Steele is apparently lawyering up in the UK to avoid extradition to the US for his alleged involvement in the Dossier. It is logical to think that Alex may well be required for questioning in the US too with regard to the Dossier. I am not alleging that Alex has anything to hide. It’s just that the American’s may wish to clear up any pertinent issues related to the Dossier, which Alex may well be quite helpful with. Hence the Act may be something which we could be hearing about in the future, and whether ex-foreign service dignitaries, are subject to said Act.

I did, as mentioned many times previously, write to my local members about Alex with regard to the above, but they refuse to reply. Sad.

Anyways if Alex does attend a Congressional Hearing in DC, I hope he does not appear in his customary fishnet stockings and stilettoes – he just doesn’t have the legs for it anymore.

Entirely separately, Q has referenced AUS/UK involvement in Five Eye spying on President Trump three days ago – post 2128. Thus the Act may be relevant to ASIO and some other Pollies here as well. Just for some light hearted questioning I’m sure.

Deep State Cannibalism

The normalisation of Cannibalism has begun. Best to get ahead of the curve before the truth hits:

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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