Post – 10th September 2018 – A

10 Sep Post – 10th September 2018 – A

Post – 10th September 2018 – A

Withdrawal of suggestion to read websites quoted in previous post

Five days ago I suggested checking out two websites that were to be cornerstones of possible intel drops. These sites were and – each were to be uploaded on Sat 6th Sept (AEST).

I stated that Q had not endorsed these sites and I did so because it was obvious that Q would need to do so at some point if the intel was as purported.

Today Q has posted links to the people behind the sites. Interestingly Q has not endorsed the sites but has also not called them out as fake. In the past Q has made these calls to clarify when needed.

So as it stands we have somewhat of a standoff. On one side we have Beanz, Dilley and Mitchell suggesting we look at the intel and on the other, Q is inferring that Thomas Drake and Jack Posobiec, are possibly supplying disinfo again.

Praying Medic and Rex are both hedging their bets and waiting.

Certainly the websites were late going up and have no content yet. Similarly they asked for people to sign up which is completely unnecessary and could be used for phishing of Patriots.

My suggestion therefore is to assume the sites are not legit at this point. Two important points must be made:

1. Q has always said “No outside comms”

2. Q has said “attacks will come from all sides” which obviously includes controlled opposition.

Hence we should do what we always ought do and that is to assess the intel on its merits and cross-reference with research. All intel should be assumed as questionable until a pattern preponderance occurs and even then we must keep an open mind about its veracity.

The most telling problem is that if the new intel is a black hat hangout then they might drop minor crumbs to take people in and then at a later point ferment division with psyop material. Thus to show their mettle/bonafides after all this conjecture they really need to hit hard with some major league intel straightaway.

Anyways they say there is an interview with William Binney at 7.00pm today DC time. Binney is the real deal. If Binney backs the sites it means a great deal. Similarly there is supposed to be an intel drop later today too.

The proof will be in the pudding.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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