Post – 10th September 2018 – B

10 Sep Post – 10th September 2018 – B

Post – 10th September 2018 – B

Military Tribunals

Several months ago I explained that President Trump was most likely going to use Military Tribunals to take out the Deep State.

A few days ago the US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh was interviewed/questioned by the Senate as a part of the appointment process. This appointment is vital in terms of the relative power vis-a-vis Alliance vs Deep State due to the 5:4 majority in place.

The whole process was a Democrat circus planned to postpone the appointment. Unsurprisingly the MSM completely missed the most important questions posed during the interviews which were asked by Senator Lindsey Graham.

Senator Graham asked whether Kavanaugh was aware of the following facts. That the USA is officially still in a State of War, as per the 18th September 2001 Authorization of Military Force, and operates under the Law of Armed Conflict. The Decision of Johnson vs Eisentrager does not protect civilians who are at war with the USA from being tried in Military Courts and that Hamdi vs Rumsfeld recognises that Civilians can be tried as enemy combatants. Finally there is a precedent of Ex parte Quirin whereby Nazi’s captured in the USA were executed by Military Trials. Please see:

Lindsey Graham was essentially making it known to all by this line of questioning that Civilians being charged with Treason can now be tried by a Military Tribunal with execution possible. It was a clear message that the MSM can not argue the legitimacy of said Tribunals as it is out in the open.

The Deep State is in panic.

Senator No Name

A few posts ago I said I would comment on No Name’s death. Many in the Patriot community at that time were waiting for the Funeral to see if he was in the coffin.

I shall now give my two cents worth but before I do I will show a video of Governor “Deep State” Katisch talking to Cuomo on CNN:

There you heard very clearly that No Name was “put to death”. Cuomo being the CNN professional did not bother questioning it at all.

I have already explained that Q predicted the time of death to the minute one month earlier. Combine this with the family ludicrously “tapping” on the closed coffin at the funeral and the fact that he was not buried at Arlington War Memorial with his father and grandfather but rather with a “best friend” elsewhere – and the narrative collapses.

Similarly a glioblastoma does not usually kill someone who can walk and talk, two days after stopping treatment, without any intervening hospice care.

Taking everything into account and knowing he was Military it seems he was either tried and executed by a Military Court or he is spending the rest of his days in Guantanamo Bay. Obviously there were Seven ways from Sunday as to how he could of been found guilty of Treason. A guilty War Criminal would not be allowed to be buried at Arlington.

Personally I would prefer that he was not executed. This is because I do not agree with Capital Punishment and also secret trials are not transparent at all. However American culture is very different and their laws must be respected.

We do live in historic and terrible times.


Oops, so George did not tell Alex anything about the Dossier? Watch Maddow admit that she has been shilling a lie for two years about the Russian Collusion Delusion. See video. Gold.

I wonder why my local Politician’s refused to answer my constituent questions about Downer? Hmm.

Anyways watch for the FISA release after the Kavanaugh appointment this week. Very big news!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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