Post – 5th September 2018

05 Sep Post – 5th September 2018

Post – 5th September 2018

Vital Intel

From my experience fighting against the Deep State I can say that the following information really rings true. It has not been verified or endorsed by Q, at this point, however I do feel that it will occur very soon. It just makes so much sense and ties in with all the whispers running around.

To simplify. There has been much said by many insiders that a bunch of whistle-blowers from a number of three letter agencies (NSA, FBI, CIA, DOJ etc etc) are ready and waiting to give evidence of the crimes of the Deep State.

William Binney a true Patriot who knows more than anyone about NSA Comms and secrets, has combined with two other Patriots, General Flynn and Admiral Rodgers, to expose this whole black hat game. It seems the way they will do this is by setting up a website and a talking heads show to allow unclassified intel to drop and be analysed.

119 government and ex-government officials are on board. Now obviously they will need to speak only to what can be said without breaching clearance levels but the information will be breathtaking. Now unlike Q, it appears that President Trump will be directly involved with the drops. He obviously has stated by tweets, that he is now ready to start to get involved, and by releasing redacted intel he most certainly would.

So let me introduce Tracy Beanz. Tracey is a meticulous researcher of political legalese. She is a true Patriot and is very well known and respected for analysing all things related to the Russian Collusion Delusion. Please listen to the following hour or so where Tracy outlines this new white hat phenomenon which has just appeared yesterday. Essentially it is a talk amongst a host, @annvandersteel and two of the highest NSA spooks working up to the 2016 election. The info they divulge is new and fills in gaps not previously known. They say that President Trump will drop intel, as well as three letter agencies, onto two new websites from Friday DC time (Sat AEST). Herein is Tracy’s very important video please watch:

The original video is of course also vital to watch:

So to recap. The new websites (from Sat) will be: and

The Youtube website will be YourVoiceTM Steel Truth and will be hosted by Ann Vandersteel.

Some topics briefly touched upon are voter fraud and insertions of moles into the Trump Campaign to spy. I have mentioned these six months ago, but better late than never.

20 redacted FISA Pages

Yesterday I mentioned that the redacted FISA documents could be read in the Senate today. Q has followed up however with post 2083. If you look carefully at the post, Q has titled it FISA[20].jpg, and stated “A Week to Remember.” Thus it seems very clear that the DECLAS will occur later this week.

President Trump and Q are in total control. Hilariously, Hillary has been barking orders via twitter non-stop, because her Comms have been removed. The show is about to get real.

On a positive note the algorithmic straightjacket on reddit seems to have been magically lifted today. Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all now firmly on President Trump’s target list. Hopefully watch for some Conservative shadowban removals soon.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor


WWG1WGA (from Sat 8th September 2018 in Australia)


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