Post – 31st August 2018 – C

31 Aug Post – 31st August 2018 – C

Post – 31st August 2018 – C

Breaking News!

Q has just reported “Ohr kept Weissman in the loop on Dossier”!


Mueller probe is toast! Weissman is the Deputy to Mueller and he never told Mueller the probe was predicated on a falsified Dossier!

Trump also went on the attack at the Indiana Rally – he says he will get involved. This is code to mean 20 FISA pages will be unredacted!

Deep State is stuffed. The whole house of cards is coming down. Truly historic. They have nothing and they know it!


Q has knocked out Five Eyes Satellites and Cables!

The UK and all Five Eyes have lost their super comps and networks! The main GCHQ hub in Bude, North Cornwall is down and out! It is sending distress signals – holy guacamole!

It seems President Trump did not take too kindly to the Congressman Nunes snub!

Deep State three-letter agencies are stuffed. MI5/MI6 and GCHQ is stuffed. I would expect ASIO and ASIS is too.

What does this mean? I would hazard to guess that the MSM 4.00am talking points are royally screwed.

Q – Retaliation – “Horizon” active.

Q has taken out their backup Horizon program!

Snow Whites down! – which are decommissioned but still active black hat rogue Satellite signals data collectors.

Apparently major DDOS attack occurring against 8Chan. But it is still up. They can’t take us down!

Q says “shall we play a game”. He’s turned the Deep State blind!

No doubt they will be in disarray. Trump and Q have them screaming for mercy.

Lets see how they manipulate their losing narrative.

Winning Bigly! The Storm has certainly arrived!

2018 will be glorious!

Wow! Good winning over Evil!


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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