Post – 31st August 2018 – A

31 Aug Post – 31st August 2018 – A

Post – 31st August 2018 – A

Things to look out for in the next six weeks

1. Russian Collusion Delusion exposed – was a setup by Deep State with a complicit MSM

2. Only Collusion was by Clinton/Obama etc with Russian/British Agents to frame DJT

3. Steele Dossier proven conclusively to be fake – AUS links

4. FISA abuse – Treason – multiple crimes

5. Rosenstein/McCabe signed FISA Court documents

6. Mueller – multiple conflicts of interest – end of special council

7. Clinton induced executions of 12 CIA agents in China secondary to open server – Treason

8. Clinton/Obama/Biden pay to play selling of Military Intel to China for Clinton Foundation Mega-kickbacks

9. Weiner/Huma Laptop contents

10. Classified e-mails to China from Clinton server – Treason

11. Uranium One – Clinton involvement – kickbacks – Treason – Mueller brought Uranium sample to Moscow

12. Clinton Foundation Fraud – multiple AUS Politician’s involved

13. Five Eyes spying ordered by Obama on DJT for PDB (President’s Daily Brief) – Treason – UK/AUS involvement

14. Coup/Assassination Plots against DJT

15. Trump Tower meeting was Deep State sting/set-up

16. Sessions/Huber unsealing thousands of indictments against DS – availing evidence in background without leaks

17. Legal actions against Social Media companies for long-term free speech violations against Patriots

18. Antifa violence links with Deep State/Soros and Democrats

19. Podesta Abuses

20. Haiti Abuses – will swing African-American votes 180 degrees

21. Corruption of MSM – exposure of DS CIA assets embedded – fake news is the enemy of the people

22. NSA data – corruption at the highest levels of DOJ/FBI – myriad crimes exposed

23. Julian Assange will reveal that Seth Rich was the Democrat Server whistle-blower inside job with no Russian hacking

24. Tarmac corruption between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton for Supreme Court job – and Scalia murder

25. Judicial Corruption

26. McCain corruption – pay to play for MIC – Treason

27. Politician/Deep State suicides galore

28. Australian MSM feigning ignorance

Things to look for after mid-terms

1. Child/organ/gun/drug trafficking networks

2. Exposure of multiple false-flag events

3. Military Actions by Deep State perpetuating war for MIC/direct formation of ISIS

4. Unfortunate Military deaths of Patriots fighting DS

5. Clinton Body Count investigation

6. Satanism/Luciferianism as religion of elites Worldwide


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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