Post – 29th August 2018

29 Aug Post – 29th August 2018

Post – 29th August 2018


We are truly at a global historic turning point. It’s that simple.

Today in Washington DC (28/08/18), it can be marked as the day the world finally changes for the better.

So much has happened it really is a whirlwind. Some 40+ posts have been made today by Q to clarify happenings, which is a record.

The expectation was that Bruce Ohr’s testimony would by the beginning of the exposure of the Foundation. It did not disappoint. This Foundation as Q has described earlier is the whole FISA Court Treason by the Deep State to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President. Q laid the groundwork for the testimony by mentioning to Ohr that all Red Comms (NSA wiretaps) were known and he had no other option but to tell the truth. This came on the back of No Name’s death which was predicted to the minute by Q exactly one month previously. But I won’t get into that at this point.

To summarise; Bruce Ohr implicated many Deep State actors today. His testimony essentially says that he was a backchannel for the Fusion GPS Dossier to be sent to the FBI and then used as a warrant in the FISA Court. His wife worked for Fusion and was paid by Hillary Clinton to provide the Dossier. His wife gave him the Dossier. He stated that he and the FBI knew of the bias of Christopher Steele in making the Dossier and this knowledge was not transmitted to the Court Judges.

What does this mean? It means the whole Russian Collusion Delusion is finished. Apparently Ohr named names and further hearings will be held to check for perjury. The whole scheme was a setup from the beginning by Hillary Clinton to frame Donald Trump and spy on him. NSA information will also implicate Obama too. If Mueller is found to be one of the so called “Firewalls” then he will be implicated too.

Anyways the Mueller investigation is effectively finished. The important point is that Flynn and Manafort will be found not guilty as the “fruit of the poison tree” legal argument applies. Hence watch for them to be exonerated in time as the whole Russian investigation was predicated on a falsity. Trump can now attack.

Similarly as I explained long ago, the Hillary Server hacking was actually announced today, to be by China. As I said, the server was deliberately left exposed so the Chinese could steal Military technology, it was not even hacked. The kickback conduit was via Feinstein’s Chinese mole so Mega-monies eventually went to Clinton. Feinstein said she was “mortified” by the mole – my ass. These are all clear Treason offences. Trump has tweeted minutes ago that he wants the DOJ on this immediately.

As expected Lanny Davis admitted to having no knowledge of the so-called Trump Tower meeting. CNN refuses to apologise for this misrepresentation still. The Cohen nonsense will go nowhere. Trump is immune.

Hillary has left thousands of classified e-mails exposed. As I have mentioned previously, Reality Winner got 63 months in Gaol for one e-mail. Thus Hillary is in a spot of bother today. The MSM can not complain.

Bruce Ohr has apparently implicated UK/Australia in the Dossier construction. This is in addition to the UK/Australian involvement in Five Eyes Trump surveillance which was ordered by Obama and will come out in time. No wonder the State and Federal Governments refuse for five months to answer my e-mail on this matter.

Which brings me to the Deep State par excellence former PM, Malcolm Turnbull. He was clearly rolled by Q. All the Traitors in the Liberal Party knew that the Storm would tear him to pieces, or more accurately Trump would. However our Politician’s need not worry for The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s) will come to town rather soon and they will be front and centre.

We are winning Bigly Patriots. Can’t wait for the 20 redacted FISA pages and the Weiner Laptop!

HOOAH! Rest in Hell mass murderer No Name.

Make Australia a Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor


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PS – Q post 1963 – ” Children are being kidnapped, tortured, raped and sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL. Stay the course.”

Do whatever you can Patriots.


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