Post – 25th August 2018 – B

25 Aug Post – 25th August 2018 – B

Post – 25th August 2018 – B

The Hypocrisy Trap

Essentially Part A has outlined that we are in the prep stage for “The Storm” of The Great Awakening. President Trump is trapping the MSM and the Deranged Leftists to neuter the ability of the Deep State to counter when the full enormity of the Deep State crimes is disclosed.

As to which aspect of the Mountains of Evidence compiled against the Deep State will be revealed first – it is up to the strategy of the President. My suspicion is that the first disclosures must come in the next six weeks. The midterms are 11 weeks away. This election is of course vital. It is winner takes all between the white and black hats. I doubt The President can take the risk of not revealing at least some of the crimes before the elections.

The Foundation will most likely be set by the FISA abuses and release of the 20 pages of redacted DOJ documents. Huber and Sessions will then start unsealing indictments and show investigations at hand. The Executive Order of 1st March 2018 may mean that arrests occur after 1st January 2019 but it is not necessarily so. Military Trials may be revealed. Testimony of flipped bad actors on plea bargains may occur and be made public. There are just so many options/ways this could play out. Nevertheless it is all already decided.

The main obstacle is the MSM and Social Media control by the Deep State. Even if all the crimes are laid bare the MSM will be able to obfuscate. That is why the Court ruling last year is important. A precedent was set which stated Trump could not remove adverse comments from his Twitter account because it was a PUBLIC forum. He did not even try fighting it because it was the result he wanted. He will demand fair treatment and may even take legal actions to disrupt the banning of conservative voices on SM as it is a PUBLIC marketplace. An Internet Bill of Rights is the preferred solution but it likely can not be implemented prior to the midterms.

The obvious solution for the propaganda amelioration midterms is the EBS ( Emergency Broadcast System). Q has stated that this can be used in a National Emergency and the EO from 21st December 2017 covers this. Thus President Trump could if needed take over all TV stations. This may only need be used as a Sword of Damocles in prevention and not necessarily be required.

The Satanists/Luciferians of the ruling elite families have controlled our world for too long. They will be taken down. It is not clear if President Trump will reveal the full extent of these Paedophilia Networks before the midterms. It may not be possible in the weeks left. All NSA evidence of crimes will take years to fully expose and as such it may not be practicable. It will occur but likely not so soon.

Those of us in the Patriot community have known of the evil of the Clinton Crime Family for decades. The recent flights by the DOJ to Little Rock were intriguing. Q has said the evidence collected was not entirely from the Clinton Foundation. Neonrevolt has picked up some interesting stuff from an Anon on the Boards and compiled info on the Drug/Child/Gun trafficking by Bill and Hillary in Arkansas back in the 80’s and 90’s. It is a great read and shows the pervasive influence of secret societies. Neonrevolt is blackbanned from SM so I will give the direct link to his article:

I remember reading an associated article decades ago which provides further collaboration, I include it as well:

Finally here is a photo of Bill Clinton and George H. W Bush Sr. Supposedly enemies from different parties but actually both Deep State Satanists (S+B) on the same team.

Image result for clinton bush beer photo

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor

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