Post – 25th August 2018 – A

25 Aug Post – 25th August 2018 – A

Post – 25th August 2018 – A

The Hypocrisy Trap

Hypocrisy – noun – the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

To all Patriotic Concernfags this is a war that has already been won. President Trump has mastered the Art of War as espoused by Sun Tzu and is simply cornering his prey in a sting/set-up of historical proportions.

We know that the left is posturing for violence and using any means/methods to justify the ends. This is the fascist intolerance of the Deep State and their Marxist lackeys. Trump understands this acutely and has devised “The Plan” of takedown to be as peaceful as possible. He has thus carefully manipulated a number of staged events to eventually expose the hypocrisy of the morals, or rather the lack of morals, aligned against him. He will then turn this hypocrisy directly and flawlessly against them to avail victory. Good will defeat evil.

As an example let me give the most recent MSM narrative of the Cohen fantasy. Here we have leftists frothing at the mouth to have President Trump impeached after the midterms for alleged Campaign violations. They think that it is perfectly ok to have a President impeached for paying money to a Prostitute/Porn Star who is clearly extorting him. They do not care that she has denied the alleged affair on multiple occasions before changing her mind again and again. They do not care that no evidence exists that it occurred at all. They do not care that Cohen has lied repeatedly. They do not care that President Trumps lawyer was broken into for a reason completely unrelated. They do not care that Cohen secretly recorded his client and gave that as evidence against him! Unbelievable.

All of this is just hunky dory to someone who only cares about the ends. They do not care that the tape shows nothing incriminating. They do not care that all the top legal experts say that President Trump did the right thing by NOT using campaign contributions and can not be prosecuted. They look the other way when Counts 7 and 8 show no laws that were violated by Cohen and that he pleaded guilty to these laws which outline procedures and instructions – which can not by definition be broken! In essence we have a group of people who are demanding that President Trump be prosecuted for anything they can grasp at. The Trump strategy is brilliant and will be turned against them with telling effect.

Let me outline some other examples too:

Trump has been berating Sessions daily. This is just for optics. Sessions says that he will not be intimidated and will at all times be impartial. It is to make the left criticise Trump and say that Sessions has been doing a wonderful job. Then when Sessions drops the hammer they can not complain and are checkmated.

The Democrats are saying that Trump has broken campaign finance laws even though the FEC says he has not. When it is exposed that Hillary spent $84 million on the fraudulent Steele Dossier with campaign funds that the FEC says is illegal they will be unable to counter due to hypocrisy.

Reality Winner has just been sentenced to 63 months gaol for leaking a classified document. Trump says this is unfair. The MSM says Trump is wrong. When the NSA shows the thousands of classified leaks by the Deep State there can not be any anger at the scale of the sentences.

The raid on Cohen has been mirrored by the raid on Perkins Coie. No objections can be made to the methods to expose Uranium One. Similarly the wiretapping by the NSA on the Deep State to expose crimes can not be argued after the unredacted FISA surveillance of the President is known.

The sentencing of Manafort will mean Podesta can be tried for the same thing, with a zero chance of pardoning.

The attempt to set up Trump in a Perjury trap will mean that Comey can not complain when he is prosecuted for clear Perjury.

Trump says that it should be illegal for Cohen to flip. The leftists disagree because it suits them. When all the flipped FBI/DOJ people tell the truth about the Deep State for immunity the Democrats are trapped in their hypocrisy.

I can go on and on and on. Trump is playing the bad guys. He has all the cards.

Continues in part B

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