Post – 10th August 2018 – C

10 Aug Post – 10th August 2018 – C

Post – 10th August 2018 – C


Q hasn’t held back. Post 1827 has a Deadpool popcorn vid labelled KEK!

Then Q follows up with a Spygate outline; but the coup-de-grace is a troll to Kill and Bill.

Yep Q has just announced that the NHTH (National Human Trafficking Hotline) is a Clinton Foundation front by tagging the call number. In other words the NHTH takes calls from CSA victims and Children who are trafficked – so the cabal can intercept them.

Thus anons did some research and sure enough the NHTH was opened by Hillary, Cherie Blair and Lynne De Rothschild in 1999. The CF has backed it ever since via Polaris.

So you call up the hotline with a tip or wanting help and the Deep State has it covered. Nice. They are thorough.

What Q is saying is that the Clinton Foundation is an enormous child trafficking cartel (which we already knew) but that it also acts to subvert the largest reporting Agency for Paedophilia in America. The CF has complete control of the most important “choke point” for Paedophilia in the USA.

It is interesting to note that RCA/CSA victim advocate Fiona Barnett and others; have alleged that the equivalent “choke point” hotline for Paedophilia in Australia, Bravehearts, has let down victims. Indeed Fiona, a very intelligent lady with great integrity, does not recommend that victims use/contact Bravehearts.

Potentially, given that the Medical Council of NSW is another “choke point” for Paedophilia, and it indeed IS a Paedophile Protection Agency, one would suggest that we may need to investigate all such entities after the Great Awakening.

Common-sense dictates that this lesson can not be forgotten.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor


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