Post – 10th August 2018 – B

10 Aug Post – 10th August 2018 – B

Post – 10th August 2018 – B

Q refers to spook files. These are essentially dirt files/video’s etc on prominent MSM individuals.

The CIA or foreign agency would compromise using Paedophilia, snuff or whatnot. These were Brownstone ops. A Brownstone is an old type of building (stone) in DC where the blackmail footage would be taken. Usually the reporter would simply want to do it as a necessary part of climbing the ladder/fame/money, others would have it done without their knowledge. All Journalists are bought for life and put in the spook file. The reporters are paid through foreign accounts or cash. See Panama Papers. The Standard Hotel in LA of Adam Schiff fame was used for West Coast blackmail. Similar setups occurred around the world.

Many famous journalists/TV news celebrities and talking heads are simply CIA Actors didactically regurgitating Think Tank Deep State 4.00am talking points. Think CNN, MSN, CBS, BBC etc etc etc.

Similarly the same CIA talking points are spread here too. However we also have our own Think Tanks which are Deep State controlled:

Australia Institute

Gratton Institute



Sydney Institute


Many of these are tax payer funded through tax deductible donations. They are Private Companies which are financed by the Deep State/Corporate State – Eg: Real Estate moguls/developers, Banks etc. Politician’s are driven by these Think Tank directives and not what is best for the people.

An example of the propaganda generated is that a “Big Australia” of 50-100 million is “inevitable” and “can not be stopped”. They also say that if we don’t have mass immigration then other countries will make us a pariah. What they actually mean is that if the Australian people wish to stop Big Australia, then the CIA Deep State Think Tanks, will flood the overseas Deep State MSM, with anti-Australia narratives to counter. Mass immigration is a necessary policy of the Deep State to demoralise and weaken target countries for NWO takeover.

The current banking Royal Commission fluffs around the edges and never investigates ending the fiat currency by abolishing the Federal Reserve of Australia, a Private bank that prints its own money, multiplies it against a fictitious ledger, and charges us interest. Journalists are not allowed to mention this as per their talking points from the Think Tanks. The enquiry is a charade controlled by the bankers/Deep State.

Another example would be that “Climate Change is the greatest moral challenge of our generation”. Agreed to by universally almost all MSM in Australia. It is actually just a weaponised Think Tank strategy to get a carbon tax as a prelude to NWO control. A WW carbon tax was the desired thin edge of the wedge for global taxes and a centralised NWO financial structure. BTW – getting rid of the Deep State is the greatest moral challenge we have – period.

Hopefully it is clear what we ought do in Australia.

We must get rid of the Think Tanks. These are unelected (usually foreign) decision making bodies which only have the Deep State plan at hand. We must expose their methods, influence, financing and integration with the MSM. The so-called Journalists should also be exposed who enact the talking points without any skerrick of independence.

We can only hope that President Trump has been able to crack Securedrop codes. I do not know if it is possible to de-encrypt. But if it were possible the MSM would fall overnight. If a Deep State Presstitute could be turned and give away passwords it could be very interesting.

Anyways, Australian’s need to purge our MSM. Goodbye ABC, SBS, News Corp, Fairfax, Commercial TV and most radio Channels.

Brave Patriots; John Perry Barlow and Dr Udo Ulfkotte, were whacked by the Deep State (CIA and BND respectively) for whistleblowing the above. RIP.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor



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