Post – 10th August 2018 – A

10 Aug Post – 10th August 2018 – A

Post – 10th August 2018 – A

Mockingbird Mainstream Media

My last blog post discussed the CIA/Mockingbird Media and the 4.00am talking points disseminated Worldwide each morning. I felt the importance of this needed further clarification so I went back to Q Post 669 to re-read/tease out and then to hopefully explain.

Q (669) refers to the following:

Raw Intel Collection

Narrative Feeder

Narrative Collectors

Narrative Distributors




Foreign Accounts


Spook Files




The reason I find this interesting is because I feel the stage is well past exposing the corruption of the Deep State and is now more about what to do once the corruption is proven and those responsible are convicted. In other words how we remove the systems of the Deep State which are in place and make sure they can’t return.

Raw Intel refers to the Deep State collecting information using assets such as the FBI/MI6/BND and ASIO. This info may be classified or garnered through nefarious methods. It is usually compartmentalised info from multiple agents and thus it is all then fed into the top of the CIA and sent to “Think Tanks” for digestion. These elite tanks are the CFR, TLC and MIC.

The Think Tanks are Deep State Royalty and the true world narrative makers. There is a hierarchy which exerts top-down control via the leading Illuminati Families. Thus these Tanks are the working minds of the Deep State as overseen by these families.

Put simply, they put in place narratives which will lead to the NWO; which enable us to be enslaved. These narratives need to be rethought/rejigged as the Geopolitical situation is fluid, however the general thrust has been settled upon long ago. Their main difficulty of course, for them, is that the new normal means Patriots have had access to source info and Truth since the advent of the Internet thirty years ago. But I digress.

So the Think Tanks have some very smart but Evil people in them, ready to grind info, and come to a consensus about the plans required to meet their ends. Hence each narrative created for a topic will help pave the way to their NWO. These plans are then distributed in easily understood propaganda points to the MSM gatekeepers for the masses to absorb. Obviously the Think Tanks then assess/evaluate their operations effectiveness and redo propaganda as necessary. A feedback system.

Examples of the Think Tank narratives are:

Anyone who thinks 9/11 was an Inside Job Psyop is un-American (even if jet fuel ignition temperatures can not melt and pulverise steel; or three towers were demolished into their footprints apparently without nanothermite).

Saddam has WMD and kills babies in ICU humidicribs.

Libya had to be destroyed.

Trump can not win.

Russian Collusion evidence is overwhelming (zero evidence of any).

Trump is stupid (Actually his IQ is 156).

Trump is Mentally Ill

etc etc etc


The way the points/messages were released was via Securedrop/TOR. Each editor/journalist/talking head would log-in and use an individual Encrypted password to get the daily propaganda to disseminate. The dispatch to all WW would be from the CIA at 4.00am. The Think Tanks would send their completed points to the CIA each day slightly before 4.00am.

Edward Snowden set up this secure system. Previously it was by old school spook methods. Snowden leaked out this info and has been hunted ever since. Interestingly a Company called Freedom of the Press set up a whistleblowers Securedrop whereby info could be sent about important stuff. Snowden outed this as a CIA front to silence dissenters.

continues in B:





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