Post – 2nd August 2018 – A

02 Aug Post – 2nd August 2018 – A

Post – 2nd August 2018 – A

My apologies for yesterday’s posts. They were somewhat discombobulated as I did not proof read them all. Similarly the dates should have been August instead of July. No one is perfect, least of all me.

Q is Mainstream!

Overnight the MSM decided to out Q Worldwide. As I argued yesterday, the situation had become ridiculous.

The Deep State had the choice of continuing to cover-up whilst millions laughed at them or disclosure and further enhance the movement. They did what Q said they would. That is, they released a simultaneous barrage of hundreds of articles in the MSM, to attack Q. The Deep State is now in it’s death throws with a burst of ventricular fibrillation before complete asystole.

Admittedly, I did expect that Q would become Mainstream months ago. However President Trump needed to await the Legal Court processes to get all his ducks in a row before forcing the MSM’s hand.

I expect the Q Posts to become somewhat easier and straightforward to decipher now that many more Normies will be reading them.

The Foundation

As Q has said, the Foundation needs to be laid before all the Indictments can be unsealed and The Great Awakening can escalate. This Foundation is the FISA Treason/Sedition.

Post 1794 outlines that the FISA corruption will be impossible to defend once it is revealed to the Light. Q has put the number 20 in the killbox. This clearly refers to the imminent release of the 20 pages of unredacted content in the original FISA Court application. To be sure the public only has the heavily redacted form at present.

Devin Nunes can release this but wants The President to declassify the 20 pages beforehand for the sake of optics. Everyone knows that the Deep State will attack and obfuscate – it will be fun to watch.

Here are two first-class Patriots having a difference of opinion with regard to the release. They both know how important it is. Tucker Carlson is understandably frustrated as he has put a great deal of effort into his investigative journalist work. Devin is trusting the plan:

Apparently there are no National Security issues for disclosure and as such no redactions ought be in place. Any member of the House Intelligence Committee could potentially read it unredacted in Congress and would have immunity. This would be a better look for optics (Re:Trump being hands off) and may well occur.

The interesting point is that the Democrats/Deep State/RINO’s already have the redacted contents. James Wolfe leaked them to Ali Watkins (a true Presstitute in every sense of the word) from the NYT. Ali has gained many leaked scoops, from different Democrats in the past, but I won’t get into that. Hence the Deep State MSM has these abuses but refuses to release them.

So what is in the 20 pages? ABC, SBS, SMH, Australian, Telegraph are they talking about it? Hmm…..actually no.

At a minimum the FISA application will show that the Deep State FBI/CIA used off the record rogue illegal signals intelligence via Five Eyes to surveil and turn an American Election. Obama and Brennan will have signed this application. It will show that it was paid for by Hillary Clinton. All people involved could potentially hang.

Is it any wonder why my Constituent Members of Parliament refuse to answer my letters asking about Australian Government involvement or knowledge? Is it any wonder why they have refused to acknowledge Q and have dropped me in the deep end as Psychotic for following such a Conspiracy?

Lots of love ASIO/ASIS.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor










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