Post – 2nd August 2018 – B

02 Aug Post – 2nd August 2018 – B

Post – 2nd August 2018 – B

President Trump Announces Elite Paedophile Ring Investigation

Here we have President Trump announcing that he is signing an Executive Order to combat Paedophilia and Child Trafficking. This EO has been used in combination with the 21st December 2017 EO which involves Blocking the Property of Persons involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

Essentially what this means is that President Trump is using the full force of the law to find and punish Paedophiles/Child Traffickers and can then confiscate the capital of the perpetrators to take down rack lines. This is why the arrests of Paedophiles has increased exponentially in his Presidency and so many Indictments have been made (record levels). He is cleaning up the Deep State and combating pure Evil.

The Medical Society of NSW must be shattered.

Tommy is released!

Yesterday Tommy Robinson was released from Gaol. Much of that time was in Solitary Confinement. The reunion with his family is heart-warming:

Just wonderful emotions.

Tommy is a brilliant and immensely brave Patriot. His incarceration was disgusting and the release is a massive embarrassment for the Deep State MSM who were completely wrong about the result and sickly biased.

The original decision was made by a Deep State Judge, Geoffrey Marson, who threw Tommy in Gaol for 13 months and banned anyone in the UK from talking about it.

Tommy’s crime was to make the public aware about yet another huge mass Paedophilia gang cover-up which the MSM/Politican’s were eager to kill with silence. Yes, talking about the existence of mass Paedophilia perpetrators, is somehow obscene.

The Judge sniggered prior to sentencing Tommy. He did not even look at the recorded evidence Tommy had on his iphone and made the ruling in less than ten minutes.

There will be further trials before Tommy’s ordeal is over. However this is a fantastic victory for Free Speech and for preventing Censorship of Paedophilia.

The Medical Council of NSW must be shattered.

Rally in Sydney

Roughly one month ago there was a rally in Circular Quay for the release of Tommy Robinson – #FreeTommy. I was there to support him in his fight against the Deep State, Censorship and Paedophilia. For the Aussie Patriots who attended – well done!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor













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