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Post – 1st July 2018 – B

Dog in the fight?

A friend asked me if I had a dog in the fight regarding Paedophilia. The answer is that I don’t and I do.

To start with, I am very fortunate that I have never been sexually abused. None of my family have been sexually abused either. So I do not have a dog in the fight personally.

However I am a Psychiatrist and as such have dealt with Child Sexual Abuse frequently. It is very common and destroys lives. I never imagined how common it was until I began to see patients in a Psychiatric context after all my normal Medical training. It was very confronting.

An important aspect of being a Psychiatrist is that you ought be an Advocate.

Now my main hobby has always been Geopolitics, however over many years it became apparent that CSA was very much a part of Politics at the highest levels. Thus I could no longer ignore the horrific suffering entailed and saw it as my duty as a Professional to make a stand. Hence I do have a dog in the fight.

Currently there is a surge/flood in Hollywood Actors/Actresses attempting to normalise Paedophilia. This has happened suddenly over the past two weeks and is entirely due to Q and the POTUS War on Paedophilia. They are terrified and know that POTUS has all the NSA data on them. Whence their only chance to mitigate/deflect is to make jokes and pro-paedophilia statements to construe this as normal. The MSM is complicit in this.

Since when does anyone make jokes about Paedophilia? They will fail. The evidence will be too prolific and will take them down. Plus it was all collected way ago before any of this normalisation was being rushed through.

Mark my word though. This normalisation was to gradually take hold through Hillary’s expected eight year reign and would end with a Society that was even more demoralised, fractured and beaten. Ripe for enslavement.

This process worldwide required critical chokepoints to be controlled such as Government Medical Council’s. Psychiatrist’s, Paediatrician’s and G.P’s are vital in this aspect. They are the frontline gatekeepers in a multitude of different ways regarding CSA. Their curtailing was crucial.

Thus the Deep State needed increasingly to make sure that their assets were in place and that these assets would provide greater Pro-Paedophilic Protections. To have their people consciously or unconsciously acting as Political wardens against popular dissent and provide a Protection Racket would be vital to encode a general helplessness and hopelessness/despair for Society.

We owe a great debt to POTUS and the Patriotic Team around him. The Deep State was truly sick and Satanic.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor


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