Post – 27th July 2018 – A

27 Jul Post – 27th July 2018 – A

Post – 27th July 2018 – A

Deep State Paedophilia is being exposed

Yes Patriots this is the start. The Paedophile drops are now beginning. From this point forward they will slowly increase until a flood occurs. It can not be stopped. It will be completed with the NSA drops.

The Worldwide connections will come out in time. The trafficking through the Mexico/Arizona and Mexico/California Borders. The rack lines through LA/San Fran/Miami/Monterrey Ports extending to/from Saudi Arabia/Israel and Asia. Westminster, Brussels, The Vatican and Europe. The taking of children from families by family services in all Western Countries. The Elite centres of Hollywood, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York. Etc etc etc.

The Paedophiles are terrified of President Trump and Q. They know they have lost. The Public is growing in strength and confidence. Many who know of the abuses will find their guilt exceeds their fear of the Cabal/Cartels. They will save their skins. There may even be some Paedophiles who begin to admit guilt although these will be few. Normalisation of Paedophilia through the MSM will increase to mitigate. Thus the longstanding normalisation plan will be brought forward. Vitriol against President Trump will escalate.

Watch this video below. It is true and common-sense will tell you this chap is in a world of legal pain should it not be so. Nevertheless the names stated are very very well known to us and are just the tip of the iceberg. This is huge and worldwide.

Patriots must spread this and get it out. Study Q, be a part of the solution. Get off your arse! Send on social media. If you are a Doctor make up an anonymous account because The Medical Council of NSW WILL take you down.

Here is an article of how a Paedophile continued to work whilst being protected by The Medical Council of NSW.

However if you write about Paedophilia the Medical Board of NSW will bankrupt you and take away your right to practice. They are a Deep State Paedophile Protection Agency which acts to Censor and destroy dissent. Don’t get me started on the Medical Council of Queensland.

Anyways please watch the full disclosure, it is over an hour but gives a simple overview. It does not give great oversight of the dimensions involved and is more an emotional description of Hollywood from a moderate insider. It hit the Chan Boards less than 24/24 ago. The Chans are giving up names at an increasing rate. Disregard the personal idiosyncrasies as Isaac Kappy is an Actor.


Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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