Post – 26th July 2018

26 Jul Post – 26th July 2018

Post – 26th July 2018


After 20 days Q has finally started dropping posts again and they are coming thick and fast. They are historic.

Some Autists on the Chans thought no more drops may come and that it would be up to us to continue, but NO doubt Q is going mainstream now and will be with us throughout The Great Awakening.

The first post coming back was 1682. This was a wink to Normies in the form of President Trump orchestrating a song to the exact Q verse as verification minutes after posting.

Anyways there are three important developments:

1. President Trump has highlighted that he will fill the Federal Reserve vacancies with his picks. Clearly he is going to take it over and end the 105 year stranglehold of Rothschild fiat money on the world. The gravity of this is impossible to exaggerate. Andrew Jackson would be proud. For us, it means the Reserve Bank of Australia will also go. Watch our Deep State Politician’s over the next year backflip and try to imply that they have always wanted this Deep State debt machine scrapped.

2. Zuckerberg will be exposed for the Deep State CIA backed fraud he is. The censorship of Conservatives will be laid bare for all to see. The selling of data will also be front and centre. Facebook is in big trouble.

3.  Post 1708 explains that the British Government spied on the 2016 Election for Obama using data collection including voice, video, bugging, etc. They also created the Steele Dossier in cahoots with the Brits and frame/masked the DNC leak to be blamed on the Russians/Trump. Patriots already knew this but Q is saying this may come out soon. Indeed I knew this through Q back in December just sitting at home on my computer. I also knew that Australia was well aware of this via Five Eyes and that they were in on the plan.

This is the reason that my Constituent letters to my local members on The Northern Beaches have not been replied to. One member has simply not replied for three months despite repeated prompting and the other has written that no reply will occur.

Clearly the Australian Government and ASIO/ASIS knew of the veracity of Q and also of the UK spying on President Trump during 2016/7 when the Medical Council was taking me down this year. It is the Governments job to know about geopolitical matters and their resources slightly outweigh mine.

I wrote at length to my local members requesting them to stop the prosecution providing Q documents in full. They did not. This was because they knew that an admission of Q’s veracity would mean that the Government had engaged in nefarious activities. Hence I was sacrificed. All in all they were hoping that the fake MSM in the US could turn the Democrats around and make them win the mid-terms. Not going to happen. Chances now – 0%. Bad luck ASIO/Deep State.

Trump has our Government leveraged totally. He can do what he wants. Same with the UK. We shall see how this plays out and if disclosure occurs.

As an aside I have been QFD shadowbanned on twitter for the past four weeks. Only Conservatives are shadowbanned and generally only those following Q. I am proud to be over the target. Less than 1% of Conservatives are banned. My twitter account still works but it very difficult to make it grow.

Astounding world events are occurring. Most importantly Iran is having sanctions ratcheted up. We shall see the outcome. The Mullah’s will need to do a secret deal awfully quick to save themselves. I doubt they will achieve this.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor





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