Post – 23rd July 2018

23 Jul Post – 23rd July 2018

Post – 23rd July 2018


Dr Ben Carson is currently the most powerful Black Politician in the world.

In my opinion Dr Carson should have been President Trump’s pick for Vice President.

Dr Carson was one of the first to publically endorse President Trump in the Republican Primaries.

He put his reputation on the line for President Trump from the get go and has been loyal, trustworthy and supportive throughout. There is no question that he is highly intelligent and very politically attuned. His hallmark is brutal honesty.

Unfortunately it was the case that Mike Pence had some white-line fever, and did make some overtures with the Deep State when impeachment was considered. Although this could have been necessary tactical disinformation as part of the plan.

Nevertheless herein lies a telling short video that any Journalist worth their pay should have picked up. Yet the MSM have killed it with silence. I wonder why?

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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