Post – 23rd July 2018 – B

23 Jul Post – 23rd July 2018 – B

Post – 23rd July 2018 – B

Wayne Swan – Finance Minister of the Year – 2011

Our Treasurer, Wayne “Deep State” Swan, was recognised by the World Banking Elites as being their best Finance Minister in the World. Why was that?

Remember that Global Financial Crisis? Well Kevin “NWO” Rudd knew exactly what to do. His Bilderberg mates told him to chuck loads of money at the economy in true Keynesian fashion. So he got out his whiteboard and in no time at all was directing money to Climate Change and whatever he could as quickly as he could. Wayne concurred that this was a great way to prop up the banks (also known as fiat money printers) and even better it could saddle a generation of Aussie’s with debt. Chinese made Pink Batts in roofs, no probs, such bright sparks, its all good, how could that go wrong?

$40-50 Billion? – no we need more, that’s what the Banksters, oops I mean the experts say. Reserve Bank of Australia thinks it’s a wonderful idea. MSM too – no dissent at all. Ok, lets have more!

Hmm….other countries completely ignored the rush to stimulus. End effect – bugger all difference for 2010. But one Treasurer was quite the hero.

Nice handshake Wayne. Great thumb position.

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Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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