Post – 20th July 2018 – F

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – F

Post – 20th July 2018 – F


What is going to happen?

The Great Awakening has taken so long because President Trump has had to purge the Judiciary and three letter agencies of the Deep State Traitors before indictments are opened. He has also had to wait for the latest Putin drop and this will take some time to push through the data. When will the Military Tribunals occur, when will we see the arrests?

They¬†must be initiated before the mid-terms in November. The Deep States’s only hope is to win the election with MSM control; they have nothing else. The MSM 4.00am Deep State talking points will become more and more threatening. Their co-ordination may fragment when they see the pain. They will continue to use Saul Alinsky tactics and call Patriots “Traitors” in an attempt to deflect their actions. Projecting their crimes onto their opponents. Eventually the public will realise that Marxist globalists who hate their countries are indeed the real Traitors. The Deep State knows that Q has set up the Traitor terminology and are trying to obfuscate it. However the evidence is set in stone that Q predates their Alinsky tactics.

They may try another false flag. The Deep State will not go down easily as most are Psychopaths. There will be more MS-13 hits on Patriots/whistleblowers and witnesses. These are occurring as we speak. The exact dates will not be telegraphed and disinfo will be necessary to protect assets/disorientate the Deep State.

There will likely be no riots. The President has cut off Soros Antifa strings and infiltrated the movement with Military.

When the hammer does fall the Cognitive Dissonance from the Left will be heavy. There will be mass grief/anger and shame. The MSM will have their embedded CIA/ASIO/MI6 agents exposed. There will be confusion.

All Politician’s Worldwide will feign ignorance. They are fully aware of the current happenings and the existence of the Deep State as they work to it’s tune every day against their constituents. They do what they have to do in order to stay in power and graft away. The lifestyles of prominent Politician’s will be exposed. Much will shock – think Obama.

As Q says the Deep State takedown order is – First Saudi Arabia then North Korea, Iran, America, Asia/Australia, Europe and finally Israel/Palestine. I shall not go into the punishments for that is up to the people. Some countries will be more forgiving.

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