Post – 20th July 2018 – G

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – G

Post – 20th July 2018 – G


What can you do?

The most important point is to NOT let our Australian Politician’s get away with their historical support of the Deep State! They are all complicit. None should be re-elected. They will use every trick to convince us to keep them. Do not yield!

Politician’s should not be for life. Their time should be limited as corruption occurs with a career Politician. Their Job is to stay in power by any means possible; not to serve the people.

The Parties should be disbanded – they have failed us. A House full of Independents is what our founding fathers intended. The Party System with its factions and allegiance’s was never envisaged/wanted. A Patriot’s task is to do what is best for the country not for the Party. The Parties benefit should never be considered; only the good of the people the constituent represents and the country as a whole.

Left-wing views must be called out for what they are – pure Treason! But this does not mean that Conservatives should be held up. The Parties are all the same, just Deep State puppets. Minimalist Government is the key to reduce the risk of corruption and the re-formation/continuance of the Deep State.

Should anyone be violent? Absolutely not.

Now it seems as though Q may think that we have enough information and is winding up to let us take action. Only President Trump knows. We have everything required to understand the whole picture and to act/educate others Worldwide. We should do so and spread the word about Q. People need to read all 1600 odd posts and do the research. FullChan will continue providing vital info from the Autists.

Every facet of our country is compromised by the Deep State. Government Departments, MSM, Judiciary, Police, Lawyers, Doctors, Politician’s, Multinational’s and Elites in Business. Our task is immense. A purging is required. Knowledge and wisdom is the key.

The ABC and SBS will need to be handed over to Patriots to correct the brainwashing propaganda of half a century. This is vital. The Australian Treason Trials (ATT’s) will be set up and justice will be up to us. Personally I hope for logical measures without vengeance but if others disagree then so be it.

It will be difficult to know what to do about the Monarchy. The Westminster system of Government should be retained. However the Royals will need to stand down as they are complicit. Diana knew they were evil to the core and was about to reveal it before she was murdered. The much lower level Royals may step in?….

Anyways, ending on a positive note the POTUS Military Parade in Washington DC on 11/11/18 will be GLORIOUS!

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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