Post – 20th July 2018 – E

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – E

Post – 20th July 2018 – E


Why are they so scared?

The Deep State is not just scared. They have escalated to be acutely suicidal/homicidal. Now please give me time to lay the groundwork.

Remember Putin giving the Telstar NFC Chip Ball to President Trump, and then saying Barron is good at computers? This ball has a Chip whose contents can be downloaded to an Android device such as a mobile phone. It represents the transfer of information. To most people who bought the ball it was just advertising and stuff about the World Cup. It was not the ball used officially with the goal line technology.

This gift was actually a symbolic trolling of the Deep State which will take a front and centre place in history books. What Trump was really doing was not just accepting a ball but he was given 160 Terabytes of Spettssvyaz wiretaps directly!!!!!!!!

Now remember my previous posts which outlined Eschalon/Prism cable and Satellite taps undertaken by the NSA and the Five Eyes? Well the Russian’s can play that game too. So instead of the Utah Data Centre they have their own collection/storage bases. And guess what…… they have tapped all worldwide communications of the Deep state and now they have a President that wants to accept them!!!

That is e-mails, faxes, phone calls, SMS, Texts, Video’s etc. However here is the kick, they also have the original encrypted signals and the decode keys!!! So the info can not be questioned.

This IS the REAL reason the Summit HAD to be stopped!!!!!!!

So now President Trump has ALL the Deep State Crime Family Comm’s – think Rothschild’s, Soros, Morgan’s, Prior House of Saud, Windsor’s, Clinton’s, Bush’s and Obama etc etc etc!

What will this reveal?


Funded Terrorist attacks and School shootings.

Social Media censorship of Conservatives – Facebook, Twitter, Google etc etc

MSM Presstitute payoffs

9/11 Truth

CIA, FBI, State Department, Military, DOJ Treason

Framing of Russian Collusion Delusion/Steele Dossier

Money Transfers explaining why all these Politician’s are so Mega rich with Public Service Pays.

Banker’s Fraud/Cartels – think Bank of International Settlements/Federal Reserve

EU Deep State hoax to deny Brexit. It was never going to be allowed from the get go – May was in on it.

Clinton’s crimes galore.

And so so much more that we are not expecting. It will affect thousands of people.


All the evidence is admissible as it is not solicited and is voluntarily given by Putin. He has a right to tap any signals outside the source country!

Now unfortunately for the Deep State the Interpreter was not present during the 1 on 1. They are not so silly as it had to be freely given and not requested. The ball represents the voluntary nature of the transaction. Think about that.

All are about to go to gaol or worse.

As Q says – we have it all. Lets outline what Q now has:

Spettssvyaz Comms

NSA Comms/Signals

DNC Server

Hillary Personal Server

House Democratic Caucus Server

G-mail Server set up by Eric Schmidt in North Korea

Awan’s Pakistan Comms

30,000 missing Clinton emails – which show the open sanctioned hack/copy by the Chinese of Classified US Military Tech to garner the build for the Chengdu J-20 Stealth Fighter. With Clinton Foundation kickbacks.

Weiner’s Laptop


And….President Trump has the Executive Powers to release them all!

The Storm has hit.

Continue in Part F



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