Post – 20th July 2018 – D

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – D

Post – 20th July 2018 – D


What did the Summit actually involve?

A few days prior to the Helsinki Summit Netanyahu visited Russia. It is well known that Trump has the firm backing of Likud/Netanyahu. With Putin, Bibi requested a resolution of the Iranian Quds Force rocket attacks from Daraa and ultimately the removal of Iranian forces from Syria.

That is, Netanyahu wanted a change from the Yinon Plan (mowing the grass) to a stable Syria. Putin agreed.

Essentially America/NWO performed 9/11 to invade the Middle East for Oil. They would take down 7 countries in 5 years and keep the place in continual war for the MIC. Psyops of Weapons of Mass Destruction were used to take out Iraq twice. ISIS was invented/supplied and funded by America to perpetuate the wars. American’s Satanically tortured Iraqi’s because that is what the Deep State likes to do. Afghanistan was used as an opioid plantation for the Deep state to launder funds and be enriched. Destroying American slums was a useful by-product. The MSM was complicit despite clear evidence of the actions undertaken.

Hillary invaded Libya and killed Gaddafi laughing at the evil of it. Gaddafi wanted to regulate his banks and put Africa on a Gold Standard which was not to be tolerated by the Deep State. Hillary ran guns and Jihadists from Libya into Syria to explode the war. Similarly Jihadists were acquired by starting the Yemen war and funnelling them to Syria. The Saudi’s funded the whole operation as they are Muslim Brotherhood/Wahhabis and were engaged in a proxy war with Iran. The refugees were deliberately created and pushed/pulled into Europe by Merkel to destroy it. Merkel is a Deep State traitor to Germany and Europe. African’s were picked up by Soros’s Red Cross funded boats a few miles off the coast of Africa and rack lined into Italy. The Russian’s pivoted against the Deep State and defended Syria which has not been forgiven. The Iranian’s flooded Syria along with Hezbollah.

Anyways back to the Summit. Potentially the real changes that initiated The Great Awakening occurred five years ago when Patriotic Generals and Admirals combined with Henry Kissinger to ask Trump to run for President. Kissinger had been a Black Hat to this point (think Laos and Vietnam) however for some reason he did not like the direction the NWO was headed. Q has not explained why his change occurred.

Putin was always going to be a natural allay for Trump. Putin is an Orthodox Christian and quite conservative. He had outed the Deep State from the Government but not entirely from the economy many years ago. The Oligarchs monetary power has waned considerably since the NWO raped the Russian economy at the end of the cold war.

So now there is an Alliance of US/Russia/China/Eastern Europe and Kissinger/Israel. Yes, China is an economic competitor to the US, but it is not a war-like country and is not controlled by the Deep State. It was forced to modernise it’s forces secondary to the threats of the NWO. North Korea is now free because the Deep State/CIA has been removed.

So who gets what at the Summit?

Netanyahu gets access to Oil under the ground in the Golan Heights. He has negotiated the removal of Iran from Syria and most importantly the takedown of the Nuclear Weapons Facility in Northern Syria which was using Uranium from Hillary Clinton via Canada and Iran. This Uranium One scam involved kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation and was put in place by Obama with planeload transfers of cash to Iran – The Iran Deal. Netanyahu also gets Putin to put pressure on the Mullah’s of Iran to help the people negotiate a regime change and remove the Deep State from Iran.

Putin gets peace in the Middle East and stability from Jihadists on it’s southern borders. He also gets pipelines through Syria rather than Gasprom competition from Saudi Arabia. He will also have the sanctions removed by the end of the year. He can keep his Syrian Ports.

Trump gets peace. He removes the Deep State from Iran and reduces its influence (think Valerie Jarrett the Iranian/Soros/Deep State handler of Obama). The Deep State has already been removed from Saudi Arabia last year and thus Muslim Brotherhood influence is decreased (think Huma). He has trade with Russia and can normalise relations. He requires less defence and can pull out of Syria to man the Border with Mexico and stop Deep State Child/Organ/Drug Trafficking/MS-13 rack lines.

And then there is the Biggy….

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