Post – 20th July 2018 – C

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – C

Post – 20th July 2018 – C


Similarly Central Banks were set up and controlled by the Rothschild’s. Paul Keating was a MSM darling for the removal of our control over Central Banking. We now have a deregulated environment where the Reserve Bank of Australia prints fiat money at interest and creates debt. This bank is not owned by Australian’s – it is completely Private. The Federal Reserve in America and all other banks except for North Korea are Rothschild’s owned and run. Tariffs were removed in selected industries where they ought not have been. This was done to cause misery for the lower classes. The deindustrialisation of America and much of The West took place.

However the real key to weakening The West was by the use of mass immigration/multiculturalism pushed by the MSM. These monumental historical changes were never endorsed by any peoples worldwide throughout the whole process. Dissent was killed with silence or Critical Theory. This was instigated by Rothschild’s/Coudenhove-Kalergi. Union leaders were bought off to keep quiet about the adverse impact upon jobs and wages.

The surveillance state was put in place to monitor and purge dissidents and political opponents with retribution. Any Patriotic political parties that attempted to inform the public of the NWO were infiltrated and disbanded by the CIA/ASIO/MI6 or Mainstream Parties etc. I personally can attest to this as it happened to an anti-NWO party I was heavily involved with more than twenty years ago. All political parties essentially had the same core NWO policies.

The inside jobs of 9/11 carried out by Bush/NWO Elites (see controlled demolition/Building 7), 7/7, Oklahoma City, Bali, school (MKULTRA) bombings etc etc were performed to both perpetuate continual war for the (Military Industrial Complex) MIC but also to reduce the rights and freedoms of American’s and consequently others worldwide. The truth was ruthlessly covered up with violent reprisals for whistleblowers. The 9/11 Commission was a deliberate fraud headed by someone whose thesis at University was about how to cover up a False Flag event.

The Patriot Act in America was put in place to spy on Patriots.

Free speech was deemed subversive by progressive universities. Indeed currently CNN (the fake news specialists) are demanding Congress shut down their competitor INFOWARS. The other MSM outlets consider this a valid position.

In general only Deep State/Progressive Professor’s were allowed indentured positions at top universities – they then engaged in self interested group think and propagandised to their students. Marks were downgraded for alternative thought. I can remember my first year at University where a lecturer in an enforced social studies subject told us there was no differences between males and females, except that females could deliver babies. We all had to agree even though we were Medical Students.

Soros/NWO pays Deep State Antifa groups to riot. They organise the command and control. Marxists have essentially controlled the streets through violence and intimidation which has importantly made opponents wary and obfuscated that popular opinion was different to mob numbers.

The final part of The Plan was Agenda 21 – the mass culling of peoples the Deep State would not deem worthy of being slaves, leaving a population of only 500 million worldwide – see Georgia Guidestones and Bilderberg.

Continues in Part D


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