Post – 20th July 2018 – B

20 Jul Post – 20th July 2018 – B

Post – 20th July 2018 – B


2. What was the Deep State Plan that is now being threatened?

The plan was quite simple. It was the complete destruction and subjugation of The West so the Elite Deep State criminals could control every aspect of your life and make you their slave. Control The West control The World.

The Plan was put in place 80 years ago via the Frankfurt School, but only seriously enacted 60 years ago by the Rothschild’s and other Elite Families including The Crown.

Critical Theory was the underpinning of The Plan. This is where the Elites simply criticised the host nation’s people with constant derision of their existing culture to achieve demoralisation. This criticism would be continually repeated even if proven wrong. Questioning the mantra would not be permitted. The use of secret societies would enforce The Plan via Bilderberg, CFR, The Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove etc etc. Essentially The West’s population had to be weakened and disorientated until it could be overtaken and destroyed. Enslavement would follow.

The last real hope to counter the Deep State was lost when JKF was assassinated by LBJ/George H.W. Bush and both Democrat and Republican parties were effectively enmeshed into one with no opposition. Total control.

The Plan was to be complete after 8 years of Hillary Clinton. All dissidents would be taken to FEMA camps and eliminated. This would include left and right wing activists. No dissent would be allowed and left-wing Marxists would cry foul when their “utopia” was not reached. Interestingly Marxists were never to be taught what this utopia would look like, and what governing principles it would consist of. Rather breaking down the old system was the only issue at hand.

Destroying the family was imperative to weaken society, which is very complex, and I shall not delve into at this point. Suffice to say Feminism was invented/designed as a Trojan Horse by the Rothschild’s.

All Western countries had to be disarmed. Armed countrymen are Citizens. Disarmed countrymen are Subjects. Without disarmament enslavement can not occur. In the 1970’s school shootings were deemed by the CIA to be the best way to cause emotional distress to the population and therefore to disarm American’s.

Freedom of speech had to be removed through Marxism dictating what was right and wrong. Grammar had to be removed from schools to reduce the ability of dissidents to communicate resistance.

The Climate Change Hoax was set up by Margaret Thatcher to enable a Central NWO tax collection/bond system to siphon off monies for the Central Global Government. Government had to be Centralised as far away from citizens and run by the NWO Elites – the EU is the first amalgamated government which would eventually extend to a World Government.

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