Post – July 2018 – Part B

19 Jul Post – July 2018 – Part B

Post – July 2018 – Part B

So how is this structure perpetuated…?

Essentially and very simply, there are three types of people who can be categorised with regard to actions undertaken when confronted with Paedophilia.

1. Paedophiles or Deep State Operatives who will enforce compliance or develop tactics to eliminate opposition.

2. Enablers who will intuitively understand what is required to maintain networks/career, gain promotion or protect mates. These people prioritise service to self which overrides ethical and societal values. Many have psychopathic traits.

3. Whistleblowers will confront the Child Sexual Abuse and use courage and sacrifice through whatever methods they have at hand/or are capable of to their abilities, in order to effect change.


If society has a balance of people from the latter category then real outcomes can occur.

Please watch this video. It will explain how the Deep State works to censor Whistleblowers. It will be of historical value. See where this gentleman fits into the categories outlined above.

Fortunately all is not lost.

For the first time in modern history there is a person who can really make a difference to radically effect this equation. That person is President Donald Trump.

President Trump signed an Executive Order on 21st December 2018 which allows him to confiscate the assets of anyone engaged in harm to children. This has been used to dramatically take down Paedophile networks all over the world. In his first year in office more people were arrested for crimes against children than in all of Obama’s term’s. This is accelerating. Soon there will come a time when covering up activities will lead to significant consequences and society as a whole will not tolerate people in the first two categories outlined above.

I urge all to take part in The Great Awakening and study/educate yourselves. They fear real change. We can make it happen. Review my previous suggested sites for information on Q.

Finally, check out @british_fight on twitter. They are dropping names of Westminster Paedophiles in real-time starting two days ago. I’m sure the gentleman in the above video (Jon Wedger) would be in full support of our Whistleblowing British cousins.

Make Australia Great again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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