Post – 19th July 2018 – A

19 Jul Post – 19th July 2018 – A

Post – 19th July 2018 – A

Further information for friends/supporters who are interested in an update from my case with The Medical Council of NSW with regard to their attempt to fully Deregister me for my Political beliefs.

Interestingly after my posts on Sunday 1st July outlining the lengths the Council was taking to enforce actions, they without notice/explanation suddenly dropped the upcoming hearing for that week by email at 9.30am Monday 2nd July. In the subsequent more than two weeks they have not had the transparency to communicate the reasons for their sudden decision. I remain unable to practice medicine but am not fully deregistered at this point. Their next sterling efforts are awaited.

I refuse to be censored over my freedom of speech rights to discuss Paedophilia/The Deep State and as such I give my brief following thoughts.

How Paedophilia becomes entrenched in society with an emphasis on Australia 

Paedophilia of course has always been a problem historically throughout the world in all societies. The idea that it is just happenstance because of individual bad people is not so true. Indeed their are layers of deliberate command and control from the top down which enables the criminality.

The prevalence of Paedophilia is dependent upon the percentage of these bad actors in decision making positions which can effect societal behaviours. In a sense, if there is a threshold percentage of black hats, then their strength or PERCIEVED strength, is enough to deter altruistic white hatted citizens. These black hats may be Politician’s, Judiciary, Police, NGO personnel, MSM, Government Department influencers or Corporate Elites. Their may even be loose secret society links. These people may be ideologically politically motivated toward moral relativism rather than absolutism. This ideology may also just be a means to an ends.

Nevertheless the lie which subtly permeates is that nothing can really be done about it. This is not true. Plenty can be done but the people in power are not interested or are a part of the structure whether wittingly or not.

In Australia there was a very politically correct Politician called Franca Arena who was in the NSW Parliament. Franca was quite the media darling with a constant showering of praise for her Deep State corporate mass immigration support. Indeed she was almost Saintly. Then some victims of CSA came to her asking for help. This lead to Franca going down a rabbit hole that she did not expect. Now, unfortunately for Franca, she was a decent lady who had an inner sense of dignity and respect for others. Similarly she was willing to fight. However unbeknownst to her there was a very powerful faction in the NSW Labour Party that was intent on taking her down for her audacity to tackle Paedophilia. Everyone turned on her. The MSM, fellow Politician’s and nefarious interest groups. In short – they broke her. This served as a lesson to all.

The Wood Royal Commission came along. It was supposed to forensically reveal the machinations of CSA. It did no such thing. It was a Deep State sham. The public learnt where they stood.

In 2013 there was a groundswell of discontent about the lack of action on CSA. Julia Gillard was going to lose the upcoming election because her Deep State Policies were unpopular. She therefore tried a Hail Mary and initiated the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse. This was only done reluctantly to improve her chances in the election. Most importantly she deliberately excluded from the terms of reference any investigation of Politician’s, Judicatory, Police or Corporate Elites. The MSM killed this exclusion with silence. Now the MSM says there has already been a Royal Commission. Nothing more to see here citizen, move along. The structure remains in place. Similarly Bill Heffernan has painstakingly tried to garner an investigation into 28 suspects of CSA. These included Politician’s, Legal Profession, Police, Judiciary and a former Prime Minister. Nothing ensued.

Finally, Fiona Barnett, a very credible whistleblower was taken out in a hit piece warning/threat to Journalists by the Deep State ABC. Australia has been held captive.

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