Post – 18th July 2018 – B

18 Jul Post – 18th July 2018 – B

Post – 18th July n2018 – B

Now of these 17 agencies the only ones that matter are the NSA, CIA and FBI. The NSA has priority in signals obviously.

Anyways the CIA and FBI said that there was a “high confidence” that Russia hacked the DNC, whilst the NSA disagreed. The other agencies fell in line with the CIA/FBI. Problem is the CIA and FBI were under James Clapper and James Comey respectively. Both Deep State operatives. So the MSM narrative/propaganda is that the Russian Collusion Delusion is the solid truth.

So what could cope with a 49 Megabyte/sec download without being smoked. There is only one possibility, a USB 3.0 thumbdrive. In other words an inside job (a leak). There is literally only one person who had physical access to the DNC server and the motive – everyone knows this was Seth Rich. Anyone can find out about Seth as it is open source. There is a twist but I won’t go there now.

So how did the FBI/CIA justify their “high confidence”? They hired a firm called Cloudstrike. This company was funded by Perkins-Coie, a legal entity, controlled by Hillary Clinton. So what did Cloudstrike do? Actually nothing. That’s right, they NEVER looked at the DNC Server! So Clapper and Comey justified the Russian Hoax with NO evidence and the MSM colluded with it knowing full well there was NO evidence.

Now apparently some White Hats in the FBI have been rather upset with the Deep State crooks since President Trump came to power and have done a Report to be made available to the President. This assessment has been made on Seth Rich’s computer and shows that the leak/transfers to Wikileaks were 100% from this computer. In other words there is forensic evidence of Seth being the source for Wikileaks, which is what Julian Assange has said all along. Julian of course has a 100% track record in telling the truth as all Wikileaks dumps have been verified as true/authentic.

Furthermore the NSA has signals evidence of the big G splicing and dicing in American locations.

There is no evidence of any signals to Russia at all. If it was a hack by Guccifer 2.0 then there would be an isolation of the IP address as the NSA can overcome any VPN over TOR spoofing. If there was a hack the NSA would 100% be able to trace the recipient to an exact street address in Russia. Case closed.

What does this mean? Julian Assange needs to be freed ASAP! He was acting as a Journalist and doing what all investigative Journalists should do and is covered by American Law under the Constitution. He was never colluding with Russians. He is a true Aussie Patriot and needs a Government Parade down George Street! Australian Politician’s need to be held to account for their inaction in representing a citizen! They knew he was innocent.

The other Q Booms from the Summit are as follows. Mueller could always interview the GRU agents in Russia but chose not to. Putin discussed openly that the agreement for this has been in place since 1999. I doubt this will occur as the whole sordid mess discussed above would be too humiliating for most American’s. Secondly, Putin as an aside mentioned that Hillary received $400 million in tax free dollars from Hermitage Capital Management into the Clinton Foundation. This fraud can be combined with the $150 million from Russia via Uranium One. I won’t include the millions from Bill’s speaking fees. So well over half a billion bucks from Russia and the MSM refuses to discuss it, even in Australia, after it was put so publically unveiled in Helsinki. Imagine my shock.

Finally, Lisa Page is singing like a bird as Q has stated months ago. She says that Hillary deliberately left her Private Server open so China could hack it for state of the art classified Military Hardware Technology. This was mentioned at the Summit although China was not mentioned specifically. The FBI/Comey covered this up as this hack would have completely destroyed Hillary’s campaign at the time. This high treason was for financial kickbacks from China to the CF.

As  Trump said at the Summit. He wonders where the 30,000 missing e-mails are and the Hillary Private Server/DNC Server. Let me tell you he is just trolling the Deep State for fun because Q says we have everything. There is so much more to come. Good is winning over Evil.

Make Australia Great Again,

Dr Russell McGregor




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